Things Solo Women Travelers Should Know Before They Head Out

Solo traveling is taking precedence all across the world. People are inclined to head out more and more on their own to steam off and those are not only people who are single. Oftentimes it is being observed that women more than men are biased towards solo traveling nowadays. According to recent reports 63 percent of the population who prefer solo traveling is women. Around 65 percent solo travelers in America are women. With the growing number of women getting out of the safety of their houses and taking on the world we would like to discuss a few important pointers which every solo female traveler has to remember for the safety, security, peace of mind and an overall nice travel experience that they can bear in mind for life.

1. Get a travel insurance

This is one of the foremost things that you have to bear in mind. Getting your travel insured is of utmost importance when you’re traveling alone and otherwise also. In case you get mugged or get into an accident or simply miss a connecting flight which does not have easy alternatives travel insurance is the thing that will save you from further harassments. There are multiple options nowadays to get your journey insured. It may seem a waste of essential bucks if you’re traveling on a shoestring budget, but trust me, as a solo hiker myself I will strongly recommend that you invest in this small but significant thing before you start your journey.

2. Research your destination well

Wherever you’re traveling to, it is essential that you know all the fundamentals about that place before you reach your destination. What are the places you have to avoid in order to stay safe? Which are the most affordable and convenient options for you if you have to get to medical assistance? What kind of accommodation are you choosing and in which area? Is it okay for you to step out of the hotel at night and how late is it the local norm to stay outside in general? Before you go to that place is it necessary that you get any vaccination for any local virus or bacteria unknown to your area of stay? All the answers to these questions you should be able to answer within a blink of an eye.

3. Valuables must be kept in check

First of all, you should not have valuables with you when you’re traveling, especially, something like your certificates, jewelry, family heirlooms and the likes of it. But the kind of valuables which you have to have when you’re traveling are the ones like your credit cards, passport and other essentials like this should always be with you, preferably, in a travel waist pouch or something like that. You should never leave these essentials in your main backpack and make the mistake of leaving it at the hotel. Moreover, always make a duplicate copy of the front and backside of your credit cards and passports and keep it safely in Google Keep or Dropbox.

4. Keep a backup stash for emergencies

In situations of emergencies where your wallet is stolen and with it all your cash and cards are gone too you will need to turn to this stash of backup cash or cards and you’ll be thankful that you have it. It is always a good idea to store some extra money away from the stack you plan to use daily during your tour. If nothing else, you can fall sick and suddenly need some extra cash in an unknown city with no one around you that you know or trust.

5. Learn the art of blending in

Wherever you are traveling to research the local attire beforehand and try to blend in as much as possible. It may feel very liberating to head out for the horizon in your shorts and tees but there is nothing more attention grabbing than a lone woman who is clearly out of place roaming around the streets of a city. If blending in is not entirely possible at least dress up in local attires or something close to the popular fashion in that area and act like you belong. That is imperative if you want to steer clear of criminals looking for their next prey.

6. Be confident

Okay, so let’s face it you can’t always feel confident, especially, if you’re traveling solo for the first time. It takes time to gain that trust in you and enjoy every moment of it. But till that time, you have to fake it if you have to. One thing you can never seem like whenever you’re traveling alone is look lost or scared. You have plenty of time to do that behind the close doors of our hotel room, if it absolutely necessary sometimes.

7. Try to travel by the day

Make use of the daytime as much as possible. Travel around in daylight and try to get back to your hotel or at least to crowded urban locale by nightfall. Especially, when you reach some place for the first time make sure that you reach to the hotel by afternoon so that you can check in well before dark and have the option to move to another place before nightfall in case there is something wrong with your initial place of stay.

Choose a flight which lands during daytime even if it costs a few extra bucks. If you’re forced to choose a flight which lands after nightfall, choose a hotel which will send a car and a chauffeur to pick you up instead of you roaming around a city all by yourself in a public bus or a cab.

8. Keep in touch back home

It’s very easy to be so engrossed in your journey that you forget that there are people who must be worrying about your wellness and your whereabouts, be it your friend, boyfriend or family. It is understandable that calling your folks everyday can be a bit of a stretch when you already have so much going on when you’re traveling alone. So, the best idea is to be socially active and keep posting about your whereabouts, your experiences and your travel plans ahead so that everyone can breathe easier knowing through your posts that you’re enjoying yourself at your fullest.

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