Australia Beaches

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Top Rated American Beaches

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Travel to Sardinia for a Perfect Beach Holiday

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Head to the Tiny Island of Ibiza for Discovering its Remarkable Beaches

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Travel to the Cosmopolitan Greek Island, Mykonos for a Beach Vacation

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surfers at the beach, kayaks

Alonnisos and its wondrous beaches, a quiet Island within the Greek archipelago

Though Greece is an island, due to its reputation for being the cradle for Western Civilization to rear its head most people associate the country with ancient ruins and great architectural wonders... Read more »

Explore Miami’s Glorious Beaches this Summer

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Girl making sand castle at a Barbados beach

Head to the Beaches of Barbados and Spend a Week there

  Barbados – the only country in the Caribbean to remain under the same nation’s flag after the numerous onslaughts of the colonial era. The palm-fringed, tropical land has been pretty much... Read more »

7 Irresistible World-Class Beaches in Australia’s Queensland

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Discover the Dead Sea! Roam around the sand dunes and the rocky terrains

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