Head to the Tiny Island of Ibiza for Discovering its Remarkable Beaches

Ibiza is an island in the Balearic archipelago of islands in Spain. This tiny Mediterranean island destination is a top holiday hangout among young Brits who frequent this island in summer mainly for keeping in sync with the island’s dance and techno music events.

Ibiza boasts of being home to some of the best beaches in Europe, there are at least 80 of them spread along the island’s coastline. Most beaches in Ibiza are located in calm and serene locations that are ideal for relaxation. Along Ibiza’s coastline there’s something for everyone, you can find family beaches ideal for families, secluded beaches to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and also nude beaches for interested young adults! On these beaches you can expect to indulge in fun activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, kayaking and sun-bathing to name a few. Another interesting thing about Ibiza’s beaches is you can find a lot of eateries, clubs and bars along the shoreline of most of them for sampling some good wines and Spanish foods during your beach holiday.

Getting to Ibiza

This island destination is easily accessible by plane and ferry from any of the main cities in Spain. If you are flying to Ibiza you will be landing at the Ibiza Airport (IBZ) which is located just 7 km away from the heart of Ibiza. Most tourists flocking this island usually plan on a holiday on this Island destination as part of their vacation to Spain.

Ferrying is one of the best ways of reaching this Mediterranean island destination and you can find everyday ferries running from the Spanish Mainland ports of Barcelona, Valencia and Denia to Ibiza. The main ports in Ibiza are San Antonio port and Ibiza.

Getting around Ibiza

Getting around the island is very easy and you can choose to travel by the popular modes of car, ferry and taxi. Using a combination of these popular modes is what I recommend for an enhanced experience.

Exploring Ibiza by car is highly recommendable as it gives you the convenience of travelling the way you want, all that is required is a valid driver’s licence to rent one. Just a word of caution driving on the roads of this island can be sometimes dangerous because road mishaps are quite common mainly because of drunk and driving instances of the foreign tourists. Just be wary of this! And if you are planning to rent out a car in summer season my advice to you is do an advance booking so that you will not face any shortage of cars for rent.

Using a high speed Yacht or a boat to explore the island’s bays and hidden caves inside the underwater sea beds can also be thrilling and adventurous. The only catch with hiring a high speed private Yacht is a boat license is required, I advise you to hire a local skipper who can take you to the best spots on your Yacht.

Cala Jondal

Photo courtesy: tropicanaibiza.com

Cala Jondal is only 15 minutes from Ibiza town and can only be reached by either car or Yacht. The beach boasts of having warm white sands with hot sun round the year for sun-bathing and is surrounded by pines and jagged cliffs. This beach is ideal for spending relaxed moments with your family, you can expect to sight a descent number of restaurants, bars, massage centres and boutiques on the beachside. Our top recommendation for you on the beach is you must visit the nearby famous Blue Marlin Beach Club for sampling some great cocktails and Spanish Paella.

Cala D’Hort

Photo courtesy: santjosep.net

Cala D’Hort is only 10 minutes away from San Jose and can only be reached by car. This beach is mainly popular for the stunning view of the nearby mysterious ES Vedra Island from the beach and tourists mainly flock here to admire this scenic view.  A must-do thing for you is you must take photographs of the view of the ES Vedra Islands which are only a few hundred meters away from the beach shoreline. Along the coastline of the beach you can find Loungers, Restaurants, Lifeguards Parasols and If you are lucky you will be spotting a colony of Chiringuitos.

Ses Salines

Photo courtesy: santjosep.net

Ses Salines is considered by many as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is mainly popular for its warm white sands and the hot sun for sunbathing. This beach can be reached by bus, bicycle, taxi and car and is only 10 minutes away from Ibiza Town. For your fun activities on the beach you can do kayaking and sailing. You will find a descent number of restaurants, lifeguards, parasols and a small super market along the shoreline.

Cala Benirras

Photo courtesy: charteralia.com

Cala Benirras is the beach for music lovers. Travel to this beach to listen to some live music while sipping some champagne in the hot sun. This beach is just 10 minutes away from San Miguel and can only be reached by car. The beach gets crowded during summer season and people flock to this beach mainly to witness stunning sunsets that this beach is famous for. Besides sunsets and music this popular tourist attraction is also famous for snorkelling in the underwater sea bed of the beach for discovering marine life.

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