AirAsia plans to extend its long-haul flight operations network in Thailand

AirAsia has unveiled its first A330neo aircraft at the Paris International Air Show Yesterday (17th June 2019).The newly unveiled aircraft will be operating from Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport and is the... Read more »

New Orleans, the church city from the old days

  If any city in the United States of America has the reputation of being the ‘church city’ it would certainly be New Orleans. Since time immemorial, churches have not only been... Read more »
Merlion at the side of the bay

Singapore, affordable and fraternal for Folks of all shapes and sizes

  Did you know Singapore is the only island city-state in southeastern Asia? Located in Southern Malaysia Singapore is a country which entertains multiculturalism as well as known as one of the... Read more »
hiker in front of a trail

A Few things to remember packing before your next Hiking trip

If you’re an explorer you must know that there are terrains you traverse which are not easy to do you feel the need for rest, good food and of course water. These... Read more »
cash counter

5 Signs that you’re a Compulsive Shopper!

  We often joke about our loved ones how they are shopaholics and the house is strewn with all the little things that they buy out of the whim of their little... Read more »
Indian domestic aircraft

Indian low-cost carriers provide discounts, fly on new routes

  Indian domestic carrier IndiGo announced on Tuesday (May 04) special discounts on international flights with an attractive all-inclusive rate of Rs. 6,999. Other domestic airlines like SpiceJet and GoAir also followed... Read more »
aircraft at the airport

British Airways flies to Pakistan after a Decade

  British Airways started operations in Pakistan on Monday (June 03) again after a gap of 10 years due to security concerns. The carrier landed its flight in Islamabad after 2008. British... Read more »
Chinese family dining and toasting

Learn a thing or two on Chinese etiquette to avoid being flummoxed on your trip

  Many foreigners, especially Americans feel uncomfortable to the point of sometimes feeling violated when it comes to being introduced to a new culture which is not their own – and starkly... Read more »
lie-flat bed inside an aircraft cabin

Yakutia Airlines offers new lie-flat beds in business-comfort of domestic flights

  Russian airlines Yakutia introduced a new way of flying in its domestic flights which was previously unheard of. The government-controlled airline has gotten some new ergonomic business-class sleeper seats to the... Read more »
aircraft on board staff posing for photograph

Star Alliance’s connection service initiative adds Heathrow Airport to list

  The connection service of Star Alliance is now available at Heathrow Airport as well. The initiative is supposed to help passengers using two connecting flights under the Star Alliance Membership board... Read more »