Weekend Fun Activities with your Kids

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Spending time with your little children during the weekend is one of the best ways of renewing your trust and relationship with them. The weekend is ideal for such family time as most couples with little kids get free on Saturdays after a long and tiring five day work schedule and as far as the little ones are concerned the fun times start rolling from Saturday through Sunday.

Spending quality time every weekend if not every day with your little ones is something that can’t be missed and this trend is catching up everywhere in the world. If you want your little ones to head in the right direction make sure you interact well with them so that you can understand them better and guide them just in case they need your valuable advice and in most cases things like drug abuse and behavioral problems associated with children can be overcome only with the right kind of parenting.

I’ll now list some very good fun activities for you and your children that you can experience during the weekends.

Play a home video 

A home video night is a great way to reflect back on the past memories and times spent together with the individuals in the family. The night becomes more exciting when you play videos of family events that happened a few years ago, just grab the attention of your spouse and your kids and ask them to get their eyes glued to the TV and while watching the video make your little ones feel how fast time has passed and show them how their faces changed with time. Such family videos are a nice way of reliving the good times spent with your family in the past.

Organize a painting competition

Organize a painting competition for your little kids to assess how skillful your kids are at the art of painting is a great fun activity and this will also give you a chance to have a close personal interaction with them. Make sure you provide them with the right materials for finishing the final art work such as crayons, markers, pencils, erasers and papers. Make sure you involve all your kids in this competition and it is recommendable that your kids work in a group rather than individually so that the bonding between your little ones can get stronger. Last but not the least rewarding the best kid with the best painting abilities in the group is a must and it will add more spice to your family get-together.

Cook and eat

Cooking is a great way of relaxing yourself, indulge in some good cooking on a day like Sunday and make sure you cook the food that is enjoyed by all your family members for a happy and pleasant experience when you are all dining together. The best part about dining together is it gives you a chance to open up with your children more freely and the children in turn are likely respond to all your questions over some delectable food. Trust me such good family get-togethers over lunch or dinner can really get you closer to your kids.


Having a barbecue night with families is one way of building your ties with your close knit family members. Just make sure you invite other families as well as this is an outdoor activity performed in an open space. I strongly recommend using a very good barbecue stove for frying your chicken. You can make a one-time investment on a good barbecue stove and trust me it’s an investment that will not make you regret for the money you spent on it. The whole point of having a barbecue is for enjoying an evening with the known families in the backside of your own garden and taking pride in cooking while the families watch you cook the chicken in the barbecue oven.

Beach day

Travel to the best family beach in your neighborhood for spending unforgettable moments with your little ones and spouse. We recommend you to choose a serene location for your beach activity as you and your family members can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and it is ideal for a beach holiday with your family. On the beach there are plenty of fun things, most family beaches are known for having good diving spots just do scuba diving and snorkeling to explore the underwater life of the sea surrounding your beach. Apart from underwater sports you can think of swimming, kayaking and white water rafting for your family outdoor adventures.

Take a tour of landmark attractions

Take a tour of the landmark attractions such as Science Museums, Theme Parks, wildlife sanctuaries that interest kids. A hop on hop off bus tour  is highly recommendable for getting to the landmark attractions in your neighbourhood without much difficulty.

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