5 Cities in the Middle East that will provide Educational Insight for your Child

Due to political tension and the fear of extremism a few people visit the Middle East nowadays and even if they do, it will be a solo trip or maybe honeymooning in Oman or someplace like that. It will never be with your entire family, especially with the kids. That is why, here, I am going to list out a couple of places which is safe to make a trip with your entire family (you also have to understand there is a vast difference between living in the Middle East and making a trip when you read through the article.)

top view of the city of Cairo


With as many as 20 million locals, the technologically upbeat capital city of Egypt, Cairo is my first in the list. The country is a burrow of luxury hotels, shops, and restaurants, covered up by the layers of ancient history. It’s almost impossible to visit Cairo without learning something new. So, from an educational point of view as well, Cairo is an awesome choice for you and your kids to visit this fall maybe.

The sand-hued and towering, Pyramids at Giza are a given when you are in Egypt. Camel rides are also as much fun as it is the staple in the desert lands of the country. To the north, there’s a magnificent citadel, built by Saladin which is still looming over the city with its grand presence, and the family hotspot of Al Azar Park majorly due to the superb city view of Cairo it provides.

Go to the Nile Corniche and hire the ‘flotilla of feluccas’, visit the labyrinthine of the Cairo Museum – home of both Tutankhamun alive and his famous tomb. Perfect for parents with teens is ‘Khan-El-Khalili’, Cairo’s most famous bazaar.

Skyline of the city

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirate (UAE), the capital built over 200 islands on the Arabian Gulf. The predominant part of the country is the massive Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque rather than the towering hotels which have sprouted due to the demands of the travel industry.

The gorgeous coastline gives you a serene feel due to the quieter ways of the beaches as water sports are strictly forbidden in these seasides. There is always glossy mall to go to in the evening, as well as a number of museums to make the trip enjoyable as well as informative for the kids. If you’re an art fan you may also like to visit the galleries, ancient souks, colorful food shops.

Abu Dhabi is also famous for its theme parks, water parks and many kinds of different desert adventure that will be the perfect fit for your entire family, no matter what is the age of your child.

mosque in the city

Saudi Arabia

Whether you’re in Riyadh or Jeddah, don’t consider Saudi Arabia to be all traditional and start visiting places like the amusement parks filled rides, games, and much more. The country has great food and drinks concession options almost all over. Al Hokair Land theme park, located very close to the Riyadh International Airport, contains roller coasters and thrill rides for teenagers and adults alike. Gentler rides for younger children can be found in Al-Shallal Theme Park in Jeddah which has the famous Amazon jungle ride, an on-site ice rink, and also a roller coaster ride which is sure to get your blood pumping.

Pilgrim site for both Islam and Judaism


This is a popular religious pilgrimage site and important to more than one religion in the entire globe. Even if your children are too young to completely understand and appreciate the rich historical background of the city, this place is still one of the most coveted places in the Middle East and great for a visit with your entire family. Explore the ancient castle-like Nimrod’s Fortress, complete with tunnels, staircases, statues, and vistas. You can also play at the kibbutz, spend the day at the beach, or enjoy at the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, a national park in the middle of a desert.

Top view of Hamra village

Ras al Khaimah

Another city in the UAE, it shares the Arabian Gulf coast with the neighboring city of Dubai and comes in the same desert landscape against the backdrop of the Hajar mountain range, though Ras al Khaimah is a lot more relaxed with fewer crowds than its more famous sibling Dubai. The skyline is defined by the four graceful minarets of Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The city is well-known for its environmentally friendly approach which keeps a lot of green around the place along with the natural concrete and desert color palette around the world. Many families settled in Dubai come on holidays to Ras al Khaimah and stay at various resorts, visit the beaches and wonderful weather which looks and feels homely with a gentler pace of life compared to Dubai.

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