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Shopaholics will find a reason to buy anything, especially, if they are in a new city. There was once a time when shopping was considered a mere luxurious activity but now shopping has also been acknowledged as an art form. Shopping anywhere, any time of the year is a taxing job, what with all the going around and carrying double the load you came with while returning. But for all the crazy shoppers out there it is no big deal at all.

In order to have a gratifying shopping experience while you’re traveling you need to keep in mind a number of things. For instance, if it’s holiday season or not, how easy is it to go around in the city in terms of means of transportation? How easy is it to reach the shopping destination that you’ve been planning to visit for months before you actually made the trip? Is there variety in products where you’re opting to visit? Is there any window for bargaining? These are all important questions that should determine the success of a destination to make it to the top of any shopping destination list, if there is any.

Here is a list of a couple of such destinations which are essentially the top shopping sites around the globe, hands down.

  1. New York

NYC, a place of dream and opportunity is also a perfect place for shopaholics. There is no point in visiting regular department stores while at the shopping paradise of the world. Make your way to the vintage shops around the city and if you’re okay with waking up at an hour unknown to most mere humans you can also try out the sample sale stampede. Details are available all over the internet for interested folks.

  1. Tokyo

Okay, so maybe we jumped a little too far from the US to Asia, but seriously, this is a place you cannot miss. Tokyo is a high-energy city with lots of options to shop whether it is clothes, accessories or electronic goods, the city screams of merchandise you will definitely feel like getting your hands on. Shinjuku neighborhood is one of the city’s most famous shopping districts.

  1. Moscow

Russia generally sounds like a significant culture and an important economy of the world, but people will be surprised how vital it is as a shopper’s stop for fashionistas around the world. Expensive boutiques and vintage Soviet clothing are things to die for if you know what you’re looking for in the city.

  1. London

The largest city in the United Kingdom is reportedly the most favored shopping destinations in all of Europe due to its sheer number of outlets and the extremely easy availability of all kinds of local and international brands. London’s style of clothing is assorted as well as international. While you’re at it, Liberty is a place to look out for due to its collection of designer couture and clever choice of matching  accessories.

  1. Milan

Versace, Armani and the likes of the big Italian shopping brands have their main stores in the city. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the oldest shopping malls world over, established before the concepts of malls and roaming around in malls and window shopping existed, resides in Milan. It was built in 1877. Do not even consider visiting Milan as your shopping destination if you’re on a budget though.

  1. Dubai

Looking for quantity in the Middle East? Then you have to visit Dubai. With its number of outlets exceeding 1,200 and over 160 food and beverage it can easily be called one of the most mind-boggling cities to visit when it comes to shopping. Did I mention Dubai has the world’s largest candy store in the world, Candylicious? There you go, you’re definitely going to count Dubai as one of your bucket list of choices as shopping destinations now.

  1. Kuala Lumpur

Maybe, Kuala Lumpur shouldn’t have come so far down in the list of shopping destinations around the world as 3 of the world’s 10 largest malls are in this city. But the list is not exactly in order of preference anyway and all of the above-mentioned destinations are tough picks. So be it!

Looking ahead of the malls, KL also has Asia’s largest indoor rock climbing facility, enormous rooftop gardens and indoor rainforest with over 500 species of exotic plants. Kuala Lumpur is one of those dream destinations which gives you the satisfaction of budget shopping with a large variety of high quality products. A piece of advice will be to try to avail the end-of-year sale that generally goes around from November to January.

  1. Paris

This is one name everyone would know so I have saved it for the last. Fashion capital of the world holds it all. Be it the designer fashion garments or a product at a flea market the city of lights is the ultimate place to worship when it comes to shopping. Do not forget to visit the holy trinity of Parisian department stores: Le Bon Marché, Printemps, Galeries Lafayette.

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