Top Furniture Stores in the USA for your Shopping Needs

Furniture shopping is something that needs a lot of prior planning and it ain’t as easy as we think it is. The need for buying furniture arises when you are moving out into a new house or when you want to revamp your existing house with new furniture for a variety of reasons like the upholstery of your sofa has worn off or because one of the legs of your wooden chair has broken or it can be for some other reason. The bottom line is we all need to deck up our houses with the latest, trending, hard to find and best furniture.

The whole point of having the best furniture is to experience the comforts that you derive from them and on the aesthetics side great looking furniture will always attract a lot of accolades from people who behold it which in turn will make you take pride in it for being the owner!

Before you buy the best furniture for your requirement please get these things right, first and foremost you need to choose the right retailer, second the retailer must give you accessibility to a wide range of products at most affordable prices and lastly you must look for the best hassle free after service that must include free services like installations, returns or exchanges. Try to save as much money as you can during your spends on furniture avoid unnecessary fees for delivery and installation of the furniture assembly, why pay for these when there are other retailers offering these for free. Most furniture retailers in the US have traditional brick & mortar stores as well as online presence and there are few retailers who only have online presence. People say ‘seeing is believing’ so I strongly recommend people to actually see and feel the furniture before they buy so that one can get a fair idea of how it looks and whether it’s really worth the price. I’m endorsing the method of visiting the traditional brick & mortar stores for getting the best buying experience rather than buying online without visiting the store.

Choosing the right retailer is the key to shopping the best furniture in town, most furniture retailers cater to certain niche that they specialize in for example Michigan based La-Z-Boys Furniture is your best bet if you are looking for recliners and choose Amazon for quicker deliveries. Let me now list our very best picks for all your furniture shopping needs in the USA.


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Wayfair is an online only furniture store that markets itself with the slogan “a zillion things home”. Wayfair sells furniture sourced from manufacturers that are hard to find in other stores, apart from these brands the online store also is famous for its own line of products sold by the brand name-Birch Lane. The best part about Wayfair is shipping is free and products are delivered directly to your door and the customer service too is supposed to be reliable, so be assured of an all inclusive price when you shop on Wayfair. Since the store is an online store their website has some of the best features for searching, you can use filters and other value added features to browse the products of your interest before finally buying it. Wayfair has quality products that can fit your budget ranging from expensive to economy.



Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer popular for its products which range from groceries, electronics, stationary and even furniture to name a few. The greatest convenience of buying on Amazon is the shorter lead times in delivery just choose Amazon as your #1 choice for your furniture shopping if you are looking for fastest delivery. That said, you don’t have to compromise on your furniture, Amazon houses some of the best brands in the furniture market that come at affordable prices. Amazon strives to retain its existing customers by offering discount coupon codes and curated lists of products by observing buying behavior of their online customers.  Our advice for you is read the review of the product before you buy it and purchase it only if the reviews are good.


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Target is another top recommendation from us if budget is a constraint for your shopping, the American retailer Target is quite popular and respected in the country for housing products ranging from groceries to toys. Target should be your one-stop shop for most of your shopping needs including furniture, Target sells outside brands as well as proprietary brands that it owns including the Opalhouse, Pillowfort and Home with Magnolia brands. The company has 1800 brick & mortar stores and a strong online presence as well, my advice for you is if you decide to buy from Target then buy only products from its proprietary brands to maximize on savings. The best part about shopping on Target is shipping is free on all furniture shopping.

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel
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Think of Crate & Barrel if you are looking for modern furniture with a traditional look, Crate & Barrel also allows customers to place custom orders for their furniture requirements and this is the icing on the cake, most other rivals don’t offer this value added service. So if customization is on your mind you must look up to Crate & Barrel as your number one choice for shopping furniture. The retailer has both brick & mortar stores and a strong online presence in the US and the pricing of their products is ideal for all buyers looking for moderate to highly priced products. Mind the shipping charges when you shop at Cartel & Barrel, this furniture retailer uses a sliding scale based on the price of the product for shipping charges, expect to pay a maximum of $159 on the largest furniture item from this retailer.


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IKEA is another popular Swedish furniture store that has both an online and brick & mortar presence in the USA. In the recent years the Swedish Furniture giant has expanded into many new countries including India, today IKEA has become a synonym for furniture and everybody from all corners of the world are aware of this brand. IKEA is popular for its DIY furniture assembly kits, this is the only catch with this Swedish furniture store, you got it right, when you buy furniture from IKEA the assembling of the furniture components needs to be done by you. Go ahead and buy furniture from this retailer if you think you have the skills to put all components in the assembly together. This DIY feature from IKEA is the main reason for their cheap pricing.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries


La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries are your first bet if you want to buy recliner furniture items. The La-Z-Boy brand is increasingly becoming popular even outside the USA. This store is a Michigan based furniture store owns many brick & mortar stores across the USA. Think La-Z-Boy if you want to buy upholstered reclining furniture.



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