Jamaica as a tourist destination

To many visitors of the island, Jamaica as a tourist destination offers diversity and allures that only a few other islands of the Caribbean can claim. The island’s four main resort areas and a number of minor ones, offers each of its own character and mood. From the sleepy Port Antonio, to every beach bum’s paradise Negril that features seven mile of hemispherical-shaped white sand beach, carnal red sunsets, and a name for bacchanalian existence, will definitely give each traveler different tastes of the island.

Many islands have lovelier beaches but Jamaica has its fair share of dramatic beaches tasseled by coral reefs. Jamaica as a tourist destination has also the widest range of accommodations in the Caribbean, having something to suit every budget and feel. Tourists can choose a private villa with its own private beach, or camp atop a coral reef, or giggle their vacation away with warm party in all-inclusive resorts, or chase a refined lifestyle at any secluded hideaways, or just simply hop around Jamaica’s various lodgings and visit different places of interest.

Jamaica is also well-known for the natural calming beauty of the countryside more often explored by travelers through tours. In addition, checking out Jamaican houses, or visiting the world-famous rum factory, or looking through museums and other spots of interest, are just some of the endless amusing things to do and places to see, which spices up Jamaica as a tourist destination.

The island itself and the abundance of streams, waterfalls, rivers, forests and woodlands, make Jamaica as a tourist destination ideal in every aspect. A lot of the rivers find their source from the hills and creates waterfalls and pools on its way to the sea. A number of these has been developed and turned into famous attractions, tucked away off the beaten tracks of this most splendid island, and provides for a different experience that visitors can partake in.

The special hospitality found in small inns, guesthouses, villas, and hotels, entices every traveler to keep coming back for more. And what about the championship golf courses in the island that features not only difficulty that will provide a true test of each golfer’s skill but are breathtakingly scenic as well. Golfers will absolutely find Jamaica as a tourist destination heaven as they swing away in the many challenging golf courses that the island offers more than any other Caribbean destination.

Getting from here to there in Jamaica is easy and can be fun by renting an air-conditioned car where visitors can take pleasure in a means of mobility that gives them freedom to map and explore their own route at their own pace. Jamaica just seems to be limitless when it comes to possibilities of thrills, adventure, relaxation, and enjoyment. Justly, Jamaica as a tourist destination is definitely an extraordinary and amazing one.

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