London Theatre

Are you a performing arts enthusiast? Does a theatre play excite you more than your boyfriend’s proposal? Stop fretting. This is not a serious mental condition or something to worry about. You’ll be surprised how many others are as theatre freaks as you – or even more so.

People traveling to London go there for various reasons. Some are on business trips. Others want to see all the famous sights the city can offer. But regardless the reason, each guest always end up going to a London theatre to get a feel of the ultimate London experience.

Almost all London theatres are only open from Mondays through Saturdays. A lot of them are open during holidays. However, no London theatre is open during Christmas Day.

London theatres have three divisions: the Fringe, West End, and Repertory. Plays in the Fringe are held in pub theatres, or those that are smaller in size. Some of these London theatres are even so small and operate as clubs, requiring people to pay membership fees.

The West End type of London theatres are those commercial shows that involve big productions. Since huge amounts of money are invested in the plays, ticket prices are generally expensive, more so when bought through the agencies. The West End features numerous musical plays, although it has several great plays that cast fine actors and actresses. The West End is where you will find the world’s most diverse theatre shows.

London theatres of the Repertory type includes the two most popular: the Globe Theatre and the National Theatre. Plays at the National Theatre are less commercial than those at the West End. This means that they can cast neophyte and unfamiliar actors, and feature plays which may not be appealing to a broad range of audience. Because of this fact, it is very likely that the best plays among all London theatres are held here. Some of the most successful plays are even moved to the West End.

Visiting a London theatre during your travel to the city is a worthwhile endeavor. Regardless of the type of theatre or the theme of the play, you definitely are going to get more than your money’s worth. And as a friendly reminder; if you are thinking of watching a certain show, make sure to book well in advance. A few weeks prior the date of show is good enough. And if you’re worried about dress code, don’t be. Anything is appropriate these days.

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