Attractions in Jamaica

A tropical paradise with Caribbean charm, Jamaica is a major vacation destination situated south of Cuba. The island is just slightly smaller than Connecticut of the US. The island of Jamaica may be small, but it surely has big things to offer when it comes to places to see and things to do. This small island definitely packs a punch with its playful spirit, prolific history, and natural beauty that guarantee an endless assortment of attractions in Jamaica.

Attractions in Jamaica are various, ranging from abundant beaches, to fishing parks, water falls, historic sites and heritages, and plantations. When the sun goes down the fun doesn’t stop, as visitors can partake in the lively nightlife under the beat of reggae in the exotic nightclubs and restaurants of Jamaica. Visitors are offered loads of activities and attractions in Jamaica; the only thing left to do is indulge yourself to everything the island has to offer.

Breathtaking beaches are one of the best attractions in Jamaica that is often the main draw of the island. The Island Village is the newest attraction in Jamaica when it comes to beaches, located on the beach just minutes away from the Cruise Ship pier in Ocho Rios. The charming open-air setting, natural spring lagoons, boardwalk, and beautiful flowering trees of the Island Village provide an uplifting experience. Visitors can also visit the interactive reggae exhibition, The Reggae Xplosion, Internet Jungle, Eight Rivers Gaming Centre, Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, curio shops, and duty free shops while in the village. Or just simply relax and lay on the beach for that perfect tan.

Fishing Parks attractions in Jamaica is a great way to experience another side of Jamaica. The Royal Palm Reserve allows tourists to discover the enchantment of Negril’s hidden wealth from its three-hundred acre site boasting with one-hundred fourteen plan species including Royal Palm, over three-hundred animal species of birds, reptiles, and butterflies. This local and tranquil sanctuary is a perfect location for nature walks, day tours, picnics, fishing, bird watching, and many more.

The beautiful and unspoiled waterfalls are excellent attractions in Jamaica. The Mayfield Falls situated on a five-acre property is a great place for hiking, picnicking, and camping. The majestic waterfalls at Mayfield with lush vegetation and cool waters provide a peaceful ambiance for absolute relaxation. Mayfield Falls is also the abode to fifty0two various ferns, wildlife, wildflowers, and different bird species.

Heritages such as the Green Grotto Caves which are said to have been the haven for runaway slaves in the eighteenth century offers a different type of attraction. The caves are featured with coastal limestone and are easily reached with a series of interconnected passageways and chambers, stalagmites, stalactites, and light holes. The main feature of the cave is the small “grotto” lake at the innermost cavern and rock formations.
There are still a wide array of attractions in Jamaica that will fill each traveler’s itinerary and pack it with adventures and thrills. Tourists should not miss visiting and doing both parts of what Jamaica has to offer, the natural places to be and the modern-day fun as well.

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