Frontier is Offering $19 one-way Flights across the US

Frontier Airlines has a pleasant surprise for travelers in the US, the low-cost carrier is running a two-day flights sale on a good number of routes: 74 with $19 one-way fares and almost 100 with under $30 fares starting September 3rd and ending at midnight of September 4th.

You need to rush quickly and do your bookings with Frontier in order to make use of this exciting offer. Cities with the $19 fares include Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, New Orleans, San Diego, San Francisco, Tampa and many more.

Travelers must also keep in mind that Frontier is a budget airline, so when you are paying the $19 fare on a one-way ticket you cannot pick your seat and only your personal item is covered under Frontier’s baggage policy. The $19 one-way fares and under $ 30 fares that are currently on sale work out best if you are traveling light and are on a short trip, any excess baggage over a personal item adds to the total cost of the ticket but still could be a cheaper option.

These low-cost seats aren’t for everyone and these are meant for travelers who like to go to new places on a small budget. The option of buying a roundtrip fare during this two-day sale isn’t available and you’ll need to buy one-way fares on the valid routes. A total of 1 million low-cost seats are on sale, according to the airline.

Frontier Airlines is America’s most favorite family airline and is a top choice for families opting to travel with families.

Travelers might also be interested in the current Southwest’s sale on flights with $49 fares that is running for the next 10 days.

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