Costa Rica Beaches

Costa Rica gives a nearly endless number of beaches for visitors to take pleasure in. Costa Rica’s coastline stretches over one thousand eight hundred kilometers long with a boundless diversity of beaches for any possible taste. Costa Rica beaches range from rocky and stony beaches, to sandy beaches with gray, white, bluish black, tan, and pink colored sand. These stunning and awe-inspiring beaches make visiting Costa Rica an unforgettable experience.

Being at almost the cape of Central America, Pacific, and Caribbean Seas which are a mere hours apart by car, Costa Rica beaches are for everyone. Both shorelines have warm, breathtaking beaches, although the Pacific part is much bigger and has a strong dry season. These beaches are perfect for diving, surfing, swimming, fishing, and a lot more of other water activities.

The Northern Pacific Costa Rica Beaches, specifically the Guanacaste section in the northeast part of the country is by far the one which boasts of a good number of beaches, about two dozens in number. The Golden Coast has been the name given to this Pacific region and many of the country’s premium resorts are located on these beaches.

The loads of Costa Rica beaches in this area also make this part the most heavily visited area by tourists, however, guests can seeking a little bit more privacy can still find Costa Rica beaches here that are away from the crowd of visitors.

The Playa Blanca is a favorite of families for its long wide beach and gentle waves; the Playa Brasalita is also a much loved northern beach for its natural beauty and the shops, hotels, and restaurants that have been set up near the beach. The Playa Negra beach has rocky ends but a lot of clear space and glorious waves in the middle which are perfect for surfers. The Playa Tamarindo is heaving with tourists, especially during peak seasons. Many hotels as well as restaurants, bars, banks, discos, and small grocery stores are located near this beach which makes it convenient for guests of the beach.

The Central Pacific Beaches particularly on the Nicuya Peninsula, tourists will find the old main port city of Puntarenas. There are nice beaches, a boardwalk, various restaurants, and plenty of hotels in this port city. Going further south will bring travelers to Jaco beach which is a favorite of the locals and just two hours away from the capital city of Costa Rica, San Jose. The town of Quepos is the haven of surf campers, where the beach is stunning and boasts of huge waves. For families, the nearby Antonio National Park is the home to a beautiful swimming beach and lots of fun activities.

The Southern Pacific Beaches and Atlantic Coast Beaches have a lot to offer as well. Whatever beach coast tourists are visiting, they’ll find that the all Costa Rica beaches offer numerous opportunities from lying on the sands and relaxing, to snorkeling, to diving, to surfing, to fishing, or to just simply admiring the magnificent view of Costa Rica beaches.

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