Iceland’s low cost airline shuts down its flight operations and cancels all flights

Yesterday’s collapse of Icelandic low cost airline Wow Air has left many passengers stranded at the airports. The airline has confirmed its closure of operations by way of a travel alert that... Read more »

At Least 40% of the Travel and Airline Apps are Slow to Load – Study

A new expansive consumer survey has revealed that people are not completely satisfied with the performances of travel apps and airline apps on their phones. At least 40% of all airline and... Read more »

Boeing has new upgrades for its Boeing 737 Max 8 models

With two deadly crashes of the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircrafts operated by Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines in just 5 months, the newly introduced Boeing 737 Max 8 aircrafts are now... Read more »

Jet Airways’ Stock Prices Rise 5% Post the Decision to Fly 40 More Aircrafts

Jet Airways saw an upswing in its market shares on Wednesday (March 27) after the decision to fly 40 more aircrafts were made by a top aviation ministry official. The rise in... Read more »

Airline belonging from Asia tops cleanest carrier survey chart by Skytrax

According to a recent survey by the UK-based aviation industry reviewer Skytrax Japanese airline All Nippon Airlines (ANA) has come across as the cleanest airline among international carriers. Along with the Japanese... Read more »

The aftermath of the Ethiopian Airlines crash

The March 10 crash of the of an Ethiopian Airlines flight that killed 157 people have brought out strong responses from governments of different countries as well as from airlines and aircraft... Read more »