Yakutia Airlines offers new lie-flat beds in business-comfort of domestic flights

lie-flat bed inside an aircraft cabin
Image source: Russian Aviation Insider


Russian airlines Yakutia introduced a new way of flying in its domestic flights which was previously unheard of. The government-controlled airline has gotten some new ergonomic business-class sleeper seats to the Boeing 737-800s aircraft. There is lie-back as well as massage functions in the new additions.

The move was to generate more customer satisfaction as well as revenue for the airline in the domestic flights.

The General director of Yakutia Airlines, Vladimir Gorbunov stressed that demand for such comfortable travel has been in Russia and, the need for something like this was wanting for a long time.

The General director further stated that airline’s decision to set its B737-800s with the new seats which were manufactured by the Italian company Zeus is good enough by Yakutia’s unique Russian domestic route network. For instance, in long-haul flights like the ones between Moscow Vnukovo and Yakutsk which takes a good 6.5 hours of time is not comfortable enough with a mere business class seat. Passengers would be more comfortable if they can lie down within the duration of the almost 7-hour flight.

Meanwhile, the economy class cabins on these upgraded aircraft have also been altered. In the past, the aircraft were fitted with 162 economy and eight business-class seats altogether, but the new additions have changed the configuration to four lie-flat seats in business-comfort along with the 168 seats in economy class. The inclusion of the lie-flat beds will increase the airfare for the business-comfort class quite a bit.

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