The Best Extreme Outdoor Adventures in America

Most Americans are known for not holidaying so much unlike their European counterparts, even if Americans do take vacations they mostly cover places within the USA and very less outside the USA. This holidaying trend is quite popular among most Americans but there’s no hard and fast rule for anything and you can always find exceptions everywhere. The bottom line is most Americans tend to take domestic vacations more than international vacations, may be because the United States is so huge with varied geographic and climatic conditions across its 50 different states.

The prevailing American work culture is also one of the compelling reasons for Americans to not being so much inclined to taking vacations whether is domestic or international. It’s a well known fact that most American companies give only a few paid leaves for vacationing unlike in Europe and so the working-class in America are compelled to take only a few days off for their holidaying. According to new research by Kimble Applications 47% of Americans didn’t take all of their vacation time last year and 21% have not made use of at least 5 paid vacation days.

America has all the adrenalin pumping activities for you right within its own land!  You don’t have to fly to another country or continent to experience the most enthralling outdoor adventures. The adrenaline junkies in the US can indulge themselves in 1) base jumping 2) skydiving 3) zip lining, 4) rappelling 5) hiking and 6) paragliding to name a few.

Fly an aerobatic flight in Las Vegas

Sky Combat Ace in Vegas lets you take an aerobic flight to get a bird’s eye view of Vegas at high altitudes. You can expect to perform barrelroll, loop and hammerhead aerobatic maneuvers after seeing your pilot demonstrate these like in the Hollywood movie Top Gun starring Tom Cruise. Go ahead and test your flight flying skills.

Try caving in Mc Minnville, Tennessee

You don’t have to go all the way to Cappadocia to experience cave life, the US state of Tennessee is home to world famous Cumberland Caverns- a cave with 32 miles of underground passageways with rock formations, underground rooms, pools and waterfalls, also a US national landmark. Most excursions include mountain tour, cave crawling, camping out in an underground room and breakfast at the volcano room.

Heli- Ski in Anchorage

The state of Alaska in the US is home to many snow capped mountains, glaciers and wildlife. Try Heli-Ski in Alaska’s Anchorage to reach the steep slopes of snow capped mountains by helicopter which cannot be reached by normal hiking, the un-groomed powder found on these steep slopes is ideal for experienced skiers. We suggest Chugach Mountains in Anchorage for this adventure.

 Mountain biking on Mr Toad’s trail in Tahoe

Do mountain biking on Mr Toad’s trail, this is a single track mountain-bike-route that runs for several miles downhill with several steep drops and has a descant of almost 2000 feet. While getting downhill enjoy the breathtaking view of the California-Nevada-lake. If you don’t have your own bike for this outdoor bike adventure, you can rent one from Wanna Ride Tahoe.

Do base jumping off the world famous Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho

BASE jumping is a mix of Skydiving and cliff jumping sports that is considered as one of the most extreme outdoor adventures because of the lower altitude launch points, so you will have to deploy the parachute very quickly once you are in the air in order to stay control. Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls is world famous for this adrenalin sport and the best part is you don’t need a permit to try this sport unlike other places.

Experience zero-gravity

This is a one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure that you will find only in select US cities like Las Vegas, Miami, New York and Washington D.C.  Experience zero gravity or weightlessness through a number of aerobatic maneuvers in a Boeing 727, considered as the one of the best simulations of a commercial space flight and this costs a whopping $4950 for each ride.

Skydive over the beach in Prismo, California

If you like to experience a free-fall at 120 mph over Pismo beach just for getting breathtaking views of its shoreline you just need to jump off from a plane from an altitude of 10000 feet above the ground. Skydive Pismo Beach offers Tandem skydiving to patrons which introduces the sport to them with the help of a professional instructor.






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