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Merlion at the side of the bay
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Did you know Singapore is the only island city-state in southeastern Asia? Located in Southern Malaysia Singapore is a country which entertains multiculturalism as well as known as one of the global and financial centers of the world. In the past decade, the island nation has also seen a significant increase in the tourism sector as there is plenty you can explore in the small but significant part of Malaysia as well as in Asia.

This is a place you should visit with your family and friends, but of course, if you prefer going solo, there are options for that too. Here, I am providing a rough sketch on a 5-day trip in Singapore to dish out all the good stuff in the nation. You can alter or modify the itinerary according to your liking or your requirement.

Day 1

The first day should always be light-weight as the journey itself takes it out of you. So, you can reach your predetermined hotel in the city and spend the day chilling, and shopping in nearby places if you don’t want to be indoors at all times. In the evening there is night safari, the famous night zoo of Singapore. A man-made jungle that is spread over an area of 40-hectares of land, you can expect to witness as many as 1,200 species of nocturnal animals.

You get to take the enthralling ride of the tram that traverses the path from made to look like the Indian sub-continental environment to the Southeast Asian Rainforest. A personal guide takes to the walking trail for a more personalized and chilling encounter with the wildlife the tram ride finishes.

Day 2

After a refreshing sleep and an enjoyable breakfast your first stop should be the Merlion photo stop depicted as a creature of the myths with a head of a lion and a body of a fish is the official mascot of Singapore tourism. There will be plenty of photo-opportunity with family and friends as the beautiful location demands the attention of the shutterbugs. Want some more shopping? You can do that at your heart’s content in Suntec City, Orchard Road, Little India, and Chinatown. Shopping is a good way to discover a new place and get the bug out of your system if you’re into the idea of shopping that much. You will return to your hotel for a relaxed evening and an overnight stay.

Day 3

Day three is all about leisure. Spend the whole day in bed with room service and a TV remote in hand. In the afternoon, you may want to go to the Sentosa Twilight Tour. You reach there through a pleasant and leisurely cable car ride and visit the SEA Aquarium, Merlion Tower, and Wings of Time show. This is a great option for people traveling with children. Sentosa Island has is a perfect blend of adventure trips and natural beauty rolled into one.

Day 4

It is a day of independent activities in the tour as every tour should have one as I understand. If you ask me you should roam around the neighborhood by your hotel all by yourself to get a feel of the city for yourself. If you’re not going to be an unaided wanderer, then choose your partner in the group and pick an activity for the day (other than shopping as it will be overdoing now) and spend the entire day with it.

Day 5

You should have a heavy breakfast as you will flying home in a few hours. Till it’s time for you to leave for the airport, chill out at a nearby restaurant or café and spend the time outside of your accommodation as it is the last few hours you spend in the city. Hopefully, you have chosen an accommodation which has assisted transfer to the airport where you will be dropped where you can board the flight back home.

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