Shopping Ideas to Create Easter Baskets for Adults

Easter is just around the corner and I assume all the Easter baskets for the kids in the house are ready to be distributed this weekend. The colorful and vibrant, stuffed with goodies basket are generally a must-have for all the kids which glow up their faces the moment you hand it over to them. But if you admit to yourself, even as an adult you are not quite over the fascination of the Easter basket and even today there must be a part of you that craves the idea of someone presenting you with an Easter basket.

So, let’s fulfill the wishes of the adults and talk about some exciting goodies to wrap up and put in a basket to present to your friend, spouse, the parent or any other family member that you can think of to gift it to. Who knows, they are planning the same thing for you.


  1. Easter Egg Chocolate and Goodie box

So, we are going to start with something quite straightforward. It is as traditional as it is a great gift. Especially, if the person you’re gifting it to is a chocolate lover, then it is an even more apt gift which goes with the festival as well as the personal choice of the person you’re gifting it to.

Leave the dressed up Easter eggs for the kids to help them learn about the tradition and the legacy about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Gift one of your adult loved one this colorful and glittery chocolate box shaped like an egg.

Throw in some pastel colored bunny soaps and a few gorgeous ceramic flower candles which make you feel the arrival of spring in your house and you’ve got yourself a proper Easter basket to gift to your best friend maybe. Traditional and may I say, chic.

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  1. A Basket of Metal Tools

Doesn’t really sound like Easter, does it? Well, to be fair we just made a very girly sort of basket; now let’s not leave the men out.

A Rose gold bunny-shaped ring holder may sound like something you will like to provide to a girl but think again. Haven’t you screamed at your husband when he almost misplaced the wedding ring while taking a shower and then had to bend over backwards to convince you that it was a mistake and doesn’t really reflect on his feelings for you? Well, if you don’t want a repetition of the incident, throw in this beautiful piece of metal in the Easter basket you’re making him.

Add some elegant animal shaped cheese cutter and pizza cutters (golden or silver according to your mister’s choice), as the jobs are generally done by the man in my house. Also, if you’re adding a nice wine bottle, get an Easter-special label to give it a feel of the festival.


  1. A Basket for your mother

Well, your mother will be delighted to get this surprise gift from you. Now, all that you have to think of is what to put inside the basket and we have some recommendations at that.

First of all, we will start with something on the table, as she must be preparing something for you and the other guests who are coming over. Get her a bunny or rabbit shaped napkin rings to increase the glamour of your table according to the festival this Easter. The next goodie on the list could be a cookie kit, so exciting holiday cookies never stop coming your way. Now, add to the mix something for her bedside table (because enough with just thinking about yourself when gifting her). A bunny planter or a Sharpie planter along with a box of bath eggs to provide her a week-worth of herbal bath during Easter are just the right touches to finish up the basket for her.

  1. Basket for the bookworm brother/sister

Get the best-selling novels from Amazon if that sibling of yours is fond of all the newest books, or you get him (or her) some of the best compilations of classics both in English and maybe also in some regional language of your choice. Get a reading stand, a literary kit and a reading candle just to get the feel right in the room. The literary kit is to keep a tab when some books were borrowed from the reader’s store.

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  1. A basket full of boxes and bags

It is always a clever idea to make an extra basket in case some long-lost relative or friend comes down to your house. If you have to make it impersonal which will suit anyone when you gift it, you have to be clever. So let’s dive into some suggestions. The correct shaped boxes are as vibrant as these provide the feel of the festival. Generally, the best parts are the treats that are hidden inside.

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