Ryanair to launch new subsidiary airline based out of Malta

aircraft on tarmacRyanair has just announced its plans to launch a new subsidiary airline- Malta Air based out of the Mediterranean island-state, Malta.

Currently Ryanair has 60 routes operating to and from Malta and its new subsidiary-Malta Air will be taking over these routes once Malta Air commences its operations with its base as Malta.

Telegrapgh.co.uk reports that the government of Malta will have a “Golden share” in the new subsidiary of Ryanair and the launch of Malta Air will be a booster to the tourism of Malta.

In a Facebook statement Malta’s Minister Konrad Mizzi says “The setting up of the airline will go a long way for the better sustainability of the tourism industry as well as maintaining its growth momentum.”

The CEO Michael Leary also confirmed this, says that the new subsidiary will carry the Maltese name and flag to over 60 destinations across Europe and Africa from Malta in the next 3 years. Leary also hopes that the launch of Malta Air will result in job creation for the people and an increase in the Maltese based flight routes.

Ryanair currently has six jetliners based out of Malta and plans to transfer these six jetliners to the fleet of Malta Air with some paintjob once it starts its operations and eventually plans to increase the total fleet of Malta Air to 10 in the next 3 years down the line. As far as pricing is concerned Ryanair plans to price its airfares on Malta Air competitively as those offered by Ryanair.

It is interesting to note that Ryanair already owns a subsidiary airline operating from Austria with the trade name Lauda that commenced its operations in March 2018, serving 38 destinations with a fleet of 26 jetliners. Ryanair also owns Poland based Buzz, formerly known as Ryanair Sun and Buzz plans to begin its flight operations in autumn 2019.

Another interesting point is Malta has a national carrier that operates on a trade name Air Malta and this can be confusing because the new subsidiary that RyanAir plans to launch-Malta Air sounds so similar but the main difference will be in the routes both the airlines will be operating.

Ryanair plans to use Malta as a Maintenance hub and besides transferring six of its existing fleet to Malta Air upon its launch, Ryanair will also re-register 50 of its jetliners to the new subsidiary in course of time.

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