Ryanair Operates its Flights in the UK despite the 48-hour Pilots’ Strike


The Irish based airline Ryanair is in the news for a possible disruption of its flights flying in and out of the airports in the UK due to a 48-hour strike by the airline’s pilots which starts today (August 22nd ). The reason for the strike is supposed to be a dispute over the working conditions of the pilots despite asking for a pay hike.

In early August this year, British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) announced two 48-hour strikes in the wake of this dispute, one starting from August 22nd  to August 23rd and the second one starting from September 2nd to September 4th.

On Wednesday (August 21st), the all-thrills and no-frills Irish carrier won the legal challenge to stop its Ireland-based pilots from striking but most of Ryanair’s pilots operate from the UK, where a court cleared the pilots to go ahead with today’s strike in the nation.

Meanwhile Ryanair has confirmed today morning that 97% of its flights flying in and out of the UK airports took off on time despite the UK pilots’ strike and also asserted that they have been able to rope in pilots from other places in Europe to counter the current deficit of pilots due to the temporary walkout staged by its pilots.

A Ryanair spokesman commented “Thanks to the great work and volunteerism of the vast majority of our UK based pilots, Ryanair now expects to operate its full schedule of flights to/from our UK airports. We do not expect significant disruption on Thursday or Friday.”

Concerned passengers can log into Ryanair’s homepage and click on the Travel Updates link to find the status of their flight, all it takes is inputting the flight number or the departing and arrival airport on the Travel Updates page to check the status of the concerned flight.

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