Pizza Rock is one of America’s best Pizzerias

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USA Today reports that Pizza Rock is one of the best chains in the USA to eat delectable Pizzas. Pizza is America’s most favorite fast food that is eaten and preferred by most people from all age groups. Even though pizza has its roots from Italy, the Americans have their own way of making signature style Pizzas native to their country. American pizza has the same look and feel as the original pizza from Italy but the difference comes mainly in the ingredients used, style of cooking the pizza and the toppings used on top of the pizza.

In the USA you can find umpteen pizzerias running on different brand names spread on every nook and corner of the US cities. Great American Bites certifies Tony’s Pizza, Napoletana as the best place to get a slice of delectable pizza in the entire nation. The brain child of Tony’s Pizza, Tony Gemignani became the first American in history to win the most coveted title of the world champion Pizza maker at the world pizza cup in Naples. The master pizza maker doesn’t stop at just dishing out the Neapolitan style Pizza he also is known for creating different versions of the famous international styles of pizza.

Pizza Rock has been serving delectable gourmet pizzas in eight different styles in almost 40 varieties to the people in three different locations and twelve slice house locations in the USA. The menus vary slightly across the different locations and Pizza Rock reserves its identity from its Las Vegas location. Besides Pizza Rock in Las Vegas you can find its other outlets at Henderson, Nevada and Sacramento and there is also news that the chain plans to have 2 more locations, one in the suburbs of Las Vegas and the other in Arizona.

So what’s so special about having your pizza at Pizza Rock? Pizza Rock makes use of the expertise of Tony Germignani, the founder of Tony’s Pizza and is also one of the three founding members of the now popular Pizza Rock. Pizza Rock serves its customers gourmet pizzas, hand crafted cocktails and a wide variety of beer and wine in an artistic style. The main attraction of Pizza Rock is it serves all the award winning pizzas of Tony Germignani such as Sicilian Style Burratina De Margharita, Napolena Style Margherita and Cal Italia Mozarella. Apart from Pizzas you can also find other fast foods like calzones, paninis, antipasti, pastas  and salads but going to a place like Pizza Rock and not eating a Pizza doesn’t make any sense, so eating a pizza is a must-do thing when you visit Pizza Rock in your neighborhood.

Pizza Rock’s menu offers eight varieties of Pizza styles in almost 40 varieties and there’s also an option to make your own pizza with your own choice of the toppings, ingredients and the way it is cooked using one of these methods: oven, coal, wood, gas and electric at very high temperatures. I recommend trying their very best Pizza-Pizza Romania that comes in a rectangular shape which is 3 feet long and 10 inches wide and the best part is it comes with a cheese topping and all sausages or all pepperoni option, a must try Pizza that will just melt in your mouth!

Well for those of you who are wondering about how these restaurants appeal in terms of layout and the themes used here’s some useful and interesting information. The Pizza Rock restaurant in Las Vegas is just one block away from Fremont Street and is open from noon to late night serving both lunch and dinner. The Restaurant has a slice house where you can buy a slice of your favorite Pizza, some dining rooms to sit and eat your food and a circular bar room for sampling its wines and beers. Pizza Rock preserves the music theme and plays only Classic Rock inside its restaurant and the most eye catching thing about this place is the menus are enclosed in old LP album covers and this is one of the star attractions of this place, do checkout the place to see it with your own eyes!





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