Netflix movies and TV series which make you wanna Wander

explorer climbing a tree

Netflix is a name which has become an intimate, integral part of our lives. There are numerous shows for all age and taste and the media-service platform has given an opportunity to many new talents in acting as well as in direction, cinematography and many other portions of the industry. The platform has about 150 million subscribers around the world. But have you ever considered the impact of Netflix and its shows on people?

More in terms of traveling, I mean. You’re sitting on your bed looking for inspiration in life because you can only watch the same shows so many times. So, today all of you lazy bugs like me who need the inspiration to move from your bed in the morning here are some inspirational shows on Netflix which will get you out of your house and at least make you take one trip to revitalize your mood and physiology – we are sure when you get back your friends and colleagues will ask you the secret to your sudden change of heart. Maybe, you can share your secret then… or maybe not. Wink! Wink!

Here are some of my favorite shows from the last 3 years. These haven’t only gotten me through my day, but also have given me travel goals when I was feeling blue. Here is my choice of list for you to go through.

explorer climbing a tree
Image source: BBC


Human Planet

This is originally a BBC show but it eventually found its home in the Netflix family. English actor John Hurt lends his voice for narration in eight episodes of the show. There is no shortage of wonderment or Adrenaline throughout the series where you can find deserts and jungles and Antarctic plains as some of the gorgeous locals of the world.

poster of the show
Image source: YouTube



This is a 1-hour 45-minute documentary which consists of four Texan cowboys roaming around on the horseback from the Mexican border up until Canada. This is just not a story of traveling but it touches the sensitive topic of wild mustang horses living in captivity in the US. I would recommend this as one of the shows to look out for when you’re looking for stories of traveling with a touch of the real world, which is only helpful when it comes to you actually heading out traveling yourself.

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I know this is fiction and it doesn’t come close to the genre of travel-related shows but you will be hard-pressed to find a show which portrays South and Central America the way it has been depicted in this show. The show takes you through Colombia, Peru, Bogota as well as Mexico which tracing the journey of the central character of the show – the infamous drug lord, Pablo Escobar.

Show runner duo sitting at a restaurant
Image source: Variety


The Trip to Spain

This is the third installment the Coogan and Brydon show is as good and refreshing as ever. The famous duo drives past the beautiful roads of the country and eats out at iconic restaurants. Though Spain is one of the countries in my bucket list of things to go to, I bet you will watch the previous seasons of the series as well if the experience it yourself. Go for it.

poster of the show
Image source: Varese Sarabande



Road-trip movies are always fun to watch even if you have no idea of the storyline. The scenery itself mostly makes up for the missed plotline (at least for me). But this road-trip movie is based on an estranged father-son duo to reconnect while on the road. The movie stars Jason Sudeikis, Ed Harris, and Elizabeth Olsen. It is one of my favorite drama/road-trip movies in recent times.

picture of the lead actors
Image source: thrillist


Like Father

Another movie revolving around fatherhood, this father-daughter comedy is also a movie that has picturesque sceneries and rife plotline. Kristen Bell plays a workaholic who has been left at the altar and decides to go on her Honeymoon cruise along with her father and reconnects over the experiences of zip lining and tropical exploration.

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