Old Javanese motto of “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” meaning “unity in multiplicity, Indonesia is a country that involves of 17, 508 islands. It is specifically situated in the south eastern part of Asia named as the largest archipelago in a global scale and ranked number four as the world’s most populous country. Dominantly inhabited by Muslims, this republic is surrounded by the neighboring regions of Malaysia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea.


Indonesia was once regarded as a significant destination for trade due to the sailors originating from China which made money by exchanging spices during the ancient periods. If you take a look into the history of this nation, you will discover that the past has been widely influenced by foreign authorities that were captivated by the archipelago’s rich natural resources. There were a lot of different races that visited the country such as the Indians paving the way for Buddhism and Hinduism to flourish.

For about three hundred years, Indonesia was under the hands of the Dutch. By the year 1945, the nation obtained independence from the European conquerors. If you have been acquainted with the background story of this archipelago, you would know what a tumultuous experience it was for the natives before societal freedom was gained. The country went through a time of environmental disaster, political instability and economic disturbance.


Amidst all the precedent accounts about Indonesia, stepping right onto this nation will definitely defy the so- called rumors you may have heard. It is actually home to the highest degree of biodiversity trailing second to Hispanic Brazil. With a land that is 45% covered with plush greeneries, you will definitely spot a number of species both of fauna and flora life. The forested mountains of Greater Sundra that comprises of Bali, Java, Kalimantan and Sumatra were once abundant with creatures such as the elephant, leopard, orangutan and rhinoceros.

Apart from the copious animals and plants thriving in Indonesia, this nation also boasts of a coastline that stretches up to 80, 000 kilometers. With a wide array of ecosystems that include sand dunes, tidal flats, beaches, coral reefs and algal beds, this archipelago has been one of the favorite vacation getaways especially among Westerners in the summer season. The country’s tropical weather also explains the many tourists that are continually drawn every year.

If you are contemplating of packing your bags and have Indonesia as your next target location for a sun- kissed respite, you will not regret a thing or two. Aside from enjoying what Mother Nature can offer, you will be transported to a nation sated with chronicles of old.

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