Indian fans are the largest in number to fly to the UK for Cricket World Cup

World Cup Trophy
Image source: Cricket World Cup


A recent Analysis conducted by Travelport suggests India will have the most traveling fans at the Cricket World Cup 2019, which starts today, Friday (May 30) in the United Kingdom (UK).

Out of the countries that are participating in the Cricket World Cup 2019, the greatest growth in flight bookings to the UK had come from India. Other countries which have seen a significant uplift in flight bookings to the UK are South Africa, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

The flight bookings made until Tuesday (May 21) for the UK through the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) for the entire period of the tournament. Inflation of bookings was also seen on May 28 right before the start of the tournament, as well as on July 16, 2 days after the date of the final match on July 14.

GDS are expansive hi-tech reservation networks that allow travel agents, travel management companies as well as large corporations, among others, to look for and make reservations for airline seats, hotel rooms, rental cars, as well as much other travel related bookings. Additional bookings have obviously been made with or without the intervention of the GDS.

The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup is going to be the 12th edition of the tournament. This year it is scheduled to be hosted by England and Wales, from May 30 to July 14.

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