Head to the Beaches of Barbados and Spend a Week there

Children playing at a beach in Barbados island
Image Source: Barbados.org


Barbados – the only country in the Caribbean to remain under the same nation’s flag after the numerous onslaughts of the colonial era. The palm-fringed, tropical land has been pretty much the same way with its British ruggedness, and the beautifully contrasting beaches in the east and the west marked with tiny mountains, colonial estates and elegant hotels all over the island.

The sandy lanes of the center of attention of the Caribbean Island are a perfect place if you’re trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of your own city. It is a place where family, friends, as well as honeymooning couples all, come for the feel of nature and for finding that part of themselves which connects with it. Here is a sample idea of how you can plan your trip to the island nation. You can obviously always tailor your trip according to your requirement.

It will be a relaxing trip if you make it for more than a week, otherwise, you’ll have to rush through the whole experience.

Day 1: You travel from London to Barbados and head to one of your pre-booked beach-view resorts where you dump your luggage and run outside to get the first feel of the crystal blue water, grab some soothing and small local bites while you’re at it. Spend the day by the side of the sea and relax your senses for the days of the journey to come.

Day 2: The second day is for going around the island in a booked vehicle. One of the best things about having a long and messy colonial past is that the place has a lot of magnificent colonial architecture which are all sights to watch.

You can plan your trip as such that in the morning you visit the George Washington House, as Barbados was the only nation the infamous President visited outside of colonial America. The sun-yellow mansion looks beautiful in the tropical sunlight and a must-see for everyone.

Walk along the Carlisle Bay and marvel at the soft-purple color of the Nidhe Israel Synagogue, and come back to your luxury resort at the end of the day and enjoy a tranquil sunset from the comfort of your room. If you’re a swimmer, sunset is the best time to take a dip in the ocean as well.

Day 3: The next day book a stand-up paddleboard and head for the idyllic island – the Big Blue to glide through the moving phosphorescent and exotic fishes. There are a couple of diving spots in these waters as well. You can look for a past shipwreck, mesmerizing coral reefs and swim with the turtles and head back from your day of a sea creature’s life.

Day 4: After a few days of spending on the lands of the island and in the sea time to spend some time among the flora of the area. The stunning Andromeda Gardens and the Barbados National Trust site is a botanist’s dream come true.

Also, visit the Welchman Hall Gully, a plantation formerly owned by William Asygell Williams which has exotic trees which are about two hundred years old. After a day of natural beauty come back to your resort and enjoy a gourmet dinner at the restaurant in your resort or look around the beach and find some other small little eatery and enjoy a quiet dinner with the sea breeze all over your face.

Day 5: Keep a day of the trip for just exploring the island and some of its important pointers on foot rather than engaging in some kind of water sport or biking or anything like that. You can go to some of the guided tours that are conducted for the tourists around the island. You can also explore the Bathsheba coastline while hiking along the path of the east coast. Always try to finish a day in the proper tropical style, by taking a bath at the sea at the end of the day.

Trust me, as a person who has hiked a number of times in her life and loves the idea of a sea-side camping trip would tell you it takes away all the tiredness and weariness of the day. And by the way, the whole point of staying at a beachside resort in a place like Barbados becomes moot if you don’t get into the ocean at least once every day.  

Day 6 and 7: Keep a couple of days for relaxing inside your house or suite and enjoy the slumber-full and slow-paced days with your family which is hard to come by at home.

Go for a swim with the whole family and have a family lunch at the beach at the end of the water splashing session. Sit under a sunshade and gaze towards the horizon while holding the hand of your lover or spouse. Lie down on one of those beach loungers and enjoy sunbathing along with your loved one by your side. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before heading out though.

Day 8: Pack your bags and head back to London and get the connecting flight from there with the beautiful memory of the whole week which will sure to stay with you for a long time.    

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