Finding Vegan food Options when you make that Big trip to Walt Disney World

Vegan food
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No matter where you go if you follow a vegan diet, picking and choosing what you can or cannot eat is the part and parcel of your life. It is even more difficult than vegetarians because in their case it is just meat that is a product you abstain from. But when it comes to vegans all animal products – including dairy is out of bounds.

Though this path of abstention is not easy, it is satisfactory to a large number of people nowadays. Some studies show that a solid number of more than 20 percent of the world population is vegan. This is not a small number as it is close to one-fourth population of the entire globe. Keeping that in mind, a large number of restaurants nowadays serve vegan options as well as non-vegetarian and vegetarian options.

Now that we have already talked about the places to visit in Disney World this summer in my blog Walt DisneyWorld Tour- a joy ride! Last week, today I will give a demonstrative idea on where to get your vegan food easily when you’re out there with your family and kids. You wouldn’t want to get stuck with the complication of where to get your food from when you can spend that time enjoying the rides with your folks and have a blast of a time.

We will distribute it around all the sections of the Disney World Kingdom, so that no matter where you are, you get your sustenance to go on for the entire day.

Magic Kingdom

When it comes to the oldest and the most popular part of the park, there is no shortage of places Vegans can go to. There is Cheshire Café for snacks and refreshments in an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme setting. It has a counter-serve option. Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café though serves delicious chicken breast nuggets and bacon cheeseburgers; it also has a number of options for the Vegan such as Small cucumber salads, veggie burgers, and vegetable sandwiches among other things. On the other hand, Gaston’s Tavern has delicious fruit cups, vegetable, and hummus; while Liberty Square Market will give you the baked potato as well as a serve of fresh fruits and vegetables to go with it. A quaint cottage of a restaurant, Pinocchio Village Haus serves soups, kinds of pasta, salads, breadsticks and more for folks who would like to have more options in the menu.


Likewise the Magical Kingdom, EPCOT has a plethora of options for Vegans as well. Katsura Grill serves sushi and rice and salad whereas, La Cava del Tequila serves chips and guacamole if you’re looking for something to munch on while you’re taking a break from the activities. If you want something on the heavier side go to Liberty Inn to taste a delicious black bean burger.

Animal Kingdom       

Harambe Fruit Market is your place if you’re a fruit lover. On the other hand, this section of the park has something quite essential which the rest of the park does not possess; a proper beverage point. Royal Anandapur Tea Company will serve you Specialty Teas and coffees; perfect break time during the late afternoon. If you’re looking for lunch and plan to spend the whole day in the vicinity, go to the Tamu Tamu Refreshments serves you large fruit salads and quinoa salads to devour, because strain of the whole day makes you want to gorge on the food which should be a plateful and also light (meaning not fried stuff) so that you can keep the day’s work going.

Hollywood Studios

Anaheim Produce – This is one of my favorite options when trying to find something healthy and also a bit different in its serving pattern than the rest of the places we have talked about till now. It serves things like the trail mix, dried fruits, as well as whole fruits and vegetables. Backlot Express, on the other hand, serves fruit and vegetable salads and vegetable sandwiches. If you want burgers, go to the Rosie’s All American Café, or maybe Katsura Grill if you’re a sushi person.

There are some other sections of the Disney World as well, such as the ‘Downtown Disney’ which has places like the Fresh A-Peel which serves chopped salads; Wetzel’s Pretzels with obviously pretzel servings and Wolfgang Puck Express which has Roasted beets and Roasted veggie sandwiches as its servings.

The iconic ‘Blizzard Beach’ has places like the Arctic Expedition which has strawberry fruit bar and roasted almond or Lottawatta Lodge which has mushroom burgers, fruits, and side salads.

Alternatively, ‘Typhoon Lagoon’ has Vegan serving restaurants like the Leaning Palms and Typhoon Tilly’s.

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