Fashion is about making your mark!

Fashion is a part and parcel of our lives. With the emergence of globalization and the immense onslaught of multinational companies and the excessive increase of corporate jobs people are often confused about how to present themselves so that they make a mark.

On the other hand, fashion sense is something some people enjoy immensely. For some, deciding what to wear is the first thing to be done in the morning when you wake up.

Fashion can make us vivacious, it can be our wakeup call when we are in a bad mood; it can cheer you up when you are feeling blue by the tantrums of life. This article is not just for the fashionistas. Give fashion a chance and it can change your life.

Here we will be discussing both men and women (as we don’t believe in any kind of discrimination, LOL). In today’s world, it is as much important for a man to dress up as it is for a woman.

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  1. The art of using neutrals

This is actually a bit of gender-neutral advice, so in this one both men and women pay attention. Neutral colors mainly consist of three to four options, such as white, black, grey, light blue, navy, tan / British khaki, olive and these could be matched with neutrals only. Match it in different shades or maybe colors that are of the same hue but the shades are different or maybe slightly different colors like white and grey. Make sure your accessories are of the same tone as well.

color wheel on display
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  1. Following the color wheel

Another gender neutral advice coming up; if you are prone to buy and wear vibrant colors instead of boring monochromes, you can follow the color wheel that tells you to match complementary colors rather than the throw in any two random colors like that.

For instance, these complementary colors include, green and red; purple and yellow or maybe blue and orange. Try to tone down the hues, like use olive or light green color when you’re matching it with your matted maroon shirt so that it doesn’t stand out and give an impression of weirdness when thrown together.

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  1. Monochrome match

The monochromatic theme is an excellent choice when it comes to interviewing attire and matters where the first impression is important (can be your business meeting too). When one color takes the lead make sure that you have one lighter and one darker tone for your top and bottom ware. Just make sure the darker tone is the part you want to be noticeable.

Also, especially, for girls make sure you have matching monochrome accessories with your attire of choice.

model walking
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  1. Analogous matching

We have been through the complementary matching, but there is also analogous matching where you pair clothing with some color close to it, but not quite the same. For instance, when you match a matted orange top with a tangerine overcoat it is analogous matching.

Watches on display


  1. being smart about accessories

It is still easy to match and pair clothes; it is a whole other deal when it comes to matching accessories properly. Especially, in a situation where you have some accessory which you carry all the time with you could be tricky. In that situation, you can always be clever about things.

For instance, if you have a wedding ring which has both platinum and gold in it, which is both silver and golden, it is easier for you when there are two different colored accessories you’re carrying. You are wearing, for instance, one silver watch (for men I am saying this mainly) and another gold chain maybe, your wedding ring still doesn’t look out of place as it has both silver and golden it. So, sometimes when you’re purchasing some jewelry for long-term usage, it pays off to be a bit careful for the future.

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