Discover the Dead Sea! Roam around the sand dunes and the rocky terrains

Everyone talks about the best beaches around the world, and whenever the conversation is going on, the thought that will crop up in your head is a sandy stretch of land by the Pacific, Indian Ocean or maybe the Mediterranean Sea. But have you ever thought of all the nice places broadening up by the salty Dead Sea? No, I am not being sassy! It really is a saline water body stretching among a number of land masses.

The Dead Sea is a brackish water lake bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel and the West Bank to the west. It stretches within the Jordan Rift Valley. Its surface and shores are Earth’s lowest elevation on land. The best beaches that you find along the line of this water body are some of the lowest beaches in the world, and also some of the most gorgeous too.

There is nothing you can’t get at the Dead Sea beaches which you get at the regular ones. The beaches get sunlight 330 days a year. So, feel free to make a trip to any of the beaches I am about to mention below according to your preferred choice of facilities and atmosphere. There is something for everyone. The party person, the sunbathing beauty, the person looking for some solitude, old souls looking for peace or couples looking for privacy, you take your pick from the bottom according to what catches your fancy. We will go along the map from the northern tip working our way towards the south.

Kalia Beach

This is the northernmost beach along the coastline. There is a restaurant available, along with a bar, and other facilities that are appropriate for people of all ages. This beach has plenty of natural mud which is rich in salt and mineral content which has medicational properties which are used as pain relief for arthritis, reduce hair loss, reduce cellulite, and smoothen out wrinkles.

Neve Midbar Beach

This beach gets least of the crowd as far as beaches along the Dead Sea are concerned. This is, thus, good for relaxation and a good place to take the elderly of the house. However, it also means you may have to bring some supplies with you if you travel want to spend even a day here. But sometimes it is also fun to be in a place which is away from all the twinkles of the city lights and beachside stalls. Maybe enjoy a picnic basket at the venue with your family.

Biankini Beach

Biankini Beach is right next to the Neve Midbar Beach. It resides in the Moroccan style resort, which also includes a Moroccan restaurant and bar, giving the guests the complete satisfaction of Moroccan music, belly dancing, karaoke nights as well as live shows. But unlike the Neve Midbar Beach, this one is quite famous among Israelis, and tourists also may enjoy the experience. During holidays and even on weekends the place tends to get quite crowded.

Ein Gedi Public Beach

Ein Gedi Beach is located at the central part of the Dead Sea. The entrance to the beach is free and it comes with basic necessary facilities like the toilets and showers, as well as a separate picnic area. You should wear sturdy footwear as the beach is rocky and sandy (not fine sand). The southern part of the beach has natural black mud which is supposed to be good for the skin. The beach also has a large area where you can put up tents, for those of you who like to camp on the beach.

Though, due to the danger of sinkholes, Ein Gedi Beach is currently closed until further notice.

Ein Gedi Spa Resort

Ein Gedi Spa Resort resides six Sulfur pools, a natural mud area, facility for spa and beauty treatments, a restaurant, a café, and a swimwear store.

Ein Bokek

Ein Bokek Beach comes under the Hotel are down the line of the Dead Sea. The access to this beach is free for the most part. You’ll see all the glitzy resorts and self-pampering spa treatment facilities along with luxury restaurants. The beach itself offers beach chairs, picnic spots, a restaurant, a refreshment stand, and a beauty products stores among other things.

Zohar Hot Springs Beach

You’ll find Zohar Hot Springs Beach, Just south of Ein Bokek which is free of charge and gives you access to a wide shore, showering places and other necessary facilities, for instance, lifeguard services, reclining chairs, toilets, a tent area, and a refreshment stand and much more.

Mineral Beach

Another famous Dead Sea beach is Mineral Beach, which is closed at the moment due to the threat of sinkholes.

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