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Shopping is something that we just cannot stay away from, we all keep ourselves updated with the latest fashion trends: both local and international ones, Don’t we? Well for most teenagers, shopping becomes inseparable from other prime things that drives their lives. Having said that we find shopaholics from all ages and walks of life, there’s no hard and fast rule to say or predict who shops more than the others but the bottom line is the younger you are the more likely you are going to shop around. Most people look for discounts when they want to do shopping like BOGOF (buy one get one free), flat 40% off or buy 3 get 4 etc. With the globalization of fashion, we can today find most, if not all, top designer fashion brands right in our homeland, but the problem most of us face is the pricing of these items, you might find better deals in other countries for the same item. For instance in America you can find hard to find offers on Ralph Lauren Polo during Christmas time like buy 3 T-shirts for the price of 1 and this I’d say is great savings and such deals are hard to find in other countries. So locating the best store for your shopping that lets you leverage the best possible pricing is the key to doing shopping the right way. This little insider’s guide will give you a list of shopping destinations that will not make hole in your pocket. So hang on and just read through the rest of this.

Generally people travel different places because they are driven by a desire to explore landmarks, food and the local culture and customs, from my personal experience I haven’t heard of people visiting places just for meeting their shopping needs. Shopping is a secondary thing for most people when they travel to a foreign land.

All you shopaholics out there who are considering shopping seriously the next time you plan a new vacation just look for these budget shopping places, I will be listing some of the best places for you to shop, get ready and start dreaming about adding new stuff to your existing ward robe collection. Lastly the most prime thing to keep in mind is visit these places during local festivals of the destination where you are planning, this will further help you save tons of money on your shopping bills.


Istanbul is the place to be if you want access to cheap cloth stores, this Turkish capital is home to numerous outdoor bazaars that sell cheap stuff. So go ahead and plan a visit to Istanbul, and do some serious shopping apart from exploring its underground cities, cave hotels and rock formations.


Prague is another European destination that will work out cheap for you, both in terms of expenses related to holidaying and shopping. Holidaying and shopping in Prague is cheaper when compared to the other destinations like London, Venice, Budapest, Vienna and New York. When you land in Prague look for Manufaktura gift shop, Palladium Shopping Center, Perfume Lab and flea markets galore for cheap shopping deals


The German capital, Berlin is one of your best bets for cheap shopping experience. Aldi & Lidl, the cheapest supermarket grocery stores is the first thing that would come to anyone’s mind when they hear about discounted stores in Germany. Germans are popular for selling huge discounted items not only in the grocery line but also clothing line but the only catch here is you only have access to a few popular brands and the choice for selection is limited. Look for the Local boutiques as they are the best places to showcase discounted brands and merchandise.


Madrid is another budget destination that will make shopaholics happy when they shop around, you can find top designer wear and local handcrafted stuff to quench your shopping needs. Look for El Rastro, a flea market that place every Sunday and other outdoor markets including Mercado de San Miguel which are sure to make shopping affordable for you.


Checkout Bangkok for cheapest deals on shopping, this city is home to popular shopping malls like Terminal 21 and Central Plaza Rama 9. Apart from regular Thai food, culture, Temples, world famous Spas and Bangkok’s Red Light District there’s so much more for you to explore from the shopping perspective.


The Capital city of Austria, Vienna is an expensive place for shopping all your bucket-list of items, the local boutiques and antique shops are the best bet for you to buy selected items that are quite inexpensive.


Dublin is a great shopping destination that will surely leave an enjoyable experience when you shop here, most of the cities shopping is pedestrianized and you will find Irish Jewelry, glassware and culinary scattered around the shops. Look for the Jervis shopping center, Stephen’s green shopping center and the Blanchardstown Center for good bargain deals.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, simply called L.A by some, is the capital of California State in the US and is internationally acclaimed for being home to many Hollywood stars. Head out to Downtown Los Angeles for new designer brands in L.A.  Other stores to look out for cheap deals on branded wear are Forever 21 on Third Street Promenade, Westside Pavilion where you can be sure of paying less. Last but not the least checkout Saks Off Fifth in most coveted Beverly Hills area of L.A for lowest prices on quality products.


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