Bask in the glory of Sydney’s beaches for relaxation

Sydney is by far the best city in Australia to experience the hot sun and beach life. Sydney is home to some of the finest beaches in the world and is known to have as many as 100 of them both big and small. Sydney’s laid back beach lifestyle makes it one of the best beach destinations for international holiday seekers to bask in the glory of these!

For most Australians, beaches are central to their culture, you will find plenty of fun things to do on the beaches of Sydney: swimming in the ocean, relaxing on the sandy shores, having a picnic lunch along the shore, surfing, walking trails, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving. When you are swimming in one of these Sydney beaches, always make it a point to swim only between the yellow flags and red flags for your own safety. Most beaches in Sydney have lifesavers patrolling the beaches for ensuring safety of the people.

For Tranquility

To experience tranquility we suggest the tranquil Sydney beaches which are spread across the Sydney Harbor. Sydney Harbor is home to a couple of these tranquil beaches: Balmoral Beach, Camp Cove and Parsley Bay.

Six pretty Sydney harbor beaches

  • Seven Shillings Beach in Double bay
  • Shark Beach in Nielsen Park, Vaucluse
  • Parsley Bay Reserve in Vaucluse
  • Greenwich Baths near Greenwich Point Ferry Wharf
  • Balmoral Beach in Mosman
  • Manly Cove near Manly Ferry Wharf

For Surfing

To experience the Sydney waves for surfing head to the North or South of Sydney. Surfing is a popular pass time at any time of the year. Watch some of the best surfers perform dazzling moves on Sydney’s best waves. For your eating sprees you will find a lot of beach restaurants, hotels, bars and pubs across the shore. A number of Sydney beaches are listed in the National Surfing Reserves List of iconic surfing locations. The ones listed below are in this list:

South coast beaches

  • Maroubra beach
  • Cronulla beach

North coast beaches

  • Manly
  • Freshwater
  • North Narrabeen

Learning surfing at an accredited surf school in Bondi, Manly or Cronulla beaches can be fun for first timers, You can sign up for one class or entire course and can be assured of the best surf trainers. Everyday surfing tours depart from Sydney city center to world famous surf breaks on both the south coast and North coast of NSW. You can rent surf boards and other surfing equipment from surf shops on the beach, most of them have the best surf gear and entice you to buy their irresistible collection of surfing equipment.

For Sand and sunshine

For that wow-experience of sand and sunshine with your family, visit the Bondi beach and the Coogee beach in Sydney. For an amazing beach food experience, we suggest Clovelly Hotel and Three Blue ducks restaurant near Bondi beach. After you finish relaxing at these beaches you must take a walk along the Bondee to Coogee coast, this is a cool 6 km stretch that meanders across three other beaches: Tamarama, Bronte and Clovelli, walking along this coast line will be a delight as you will be seeing rare sights of colored birds, butterflies and water dragons.

For Snorkelling and Scuba diving visit Gordon’s Bay which is part of the Bronte- Coogee Aquatic Reserve.

To beat the crowds we suggest Bondi and Manly beaches of Sydney, these are secluded beaches in Australia’s oldest National Park, The Royal National Park.

Getting to many beaches is easy by public transport. For instance you could take a train or a bus from the Town Hall in the Sydney city center to get to Bondi Beach in just 30 minutes. There’s also an option to ferry across the Sydney Harbor to reach Sydney’s tranquil beaches in the harbor.

Things to have in handy while you are on the beach

  • Carry a sunscreen, Australian sunshine is very fierce and it would be wise to carry a sunscreen for protection
  • A pair of suns glasses is a must to beat the heat
  • A hat to give you a decent shade from the sun is a must
  • A beach towel that’s large enough to lay down is a must
  • Be aware that some bars on the beaches don’t like semi nude people entering their premises so make sure you have some standby clothes packed to cover yourself

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