Alonnisos and its wondrous beaches, a quiet Island within the Greek archipelago

Though Greece is an island, due to its reputation for being the cradle for Western Civilization to rear its head most people associate the country with ancient ruins and great architectural wonders (I know I did before). So, today we will be talking about the natural, fun side of the country in the Balkans. Its beautiful beaches are no lesser than the Acropolis citadel or the Parthenon temple.

Greece, as a country, is a cluster of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas. Among those entire islands, one is Alonnisos Island. Interesting, at the southern part of the island there is a small close-knit village which has the same name as the island itself. It is a beautiful sight to look at the Alonnisos village with its small red-roofed huts and houses peeking through the vegetation which stretches till the land touches sea water. This island has some beautiful beaches all along the side of the landmass which is the primary points of attractions in the region. In this blog, I will be discussing those beaches today. Get ready to be inspired!

docked yachts and people swimming at the beach
Image source: TripAdvisor


Paralia Rousoum Gialos

The first beach that I am mentioning gets all the votes for its squeaky clean stature. The blue water of the sea is all you are going to notice when you get there. The added advantage of going to this beach if you don’t have to travel too far as it is situated at the center of the city. You can get a sunbed and enjoy a quiet sunbath. Or there are coffee shops and restaurants within walking distance to the beach.

sun umbrellas in a row on the beach
Image source: Sail la Vie


Kokkinokastro beach

The start of the beach is strewn with pebbles which change to sand when you get closer to the water. You have to pay standard charges to rent an umbrella or a sunbed but the exciting part is you Quentin Tarantino movies playing (yay!) at the beach bar while you enjoy a traditional beer.

beach at sunset
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Paralia Megalos Mourtias

You get to hold a seal here! Additionally, you get shallow water here so it is very safe for family traveling with kids. Enjoy the beautiful taverns and the crystal clear water of the pretty beach. Don’t forget to click a lot of photographs, especially, if you’re able to grab a seal make a video of it for sure (preferably, get someone to hold the camera who doesn’t want to get into the water themselves.)

Image source: Angelfire


Leftos Gialos

This beach has a lot of facilities, to begin with, like sun loungers, a bar, a restaurant, a huge parking area, free Wi-Fi and the works. The transparent water of the sea gets a soft greenish hue as it mirrors the flourishing vegetation. The beach is not too crowded for people who want some peace and quiet.

The beach restaurant has good food and nice background music to go with it.

Cliff surrounding seashore
Image source: YouTube



The beach is guarded by a horizontal cliff and the surrounding landscape. It is also a nice place to swim as the water is not too aggressive or too shallow. Seals are a general sight at the beach and I would recommend watching the sunset at the beautiful seashore which is arguably the best in Alonnisos.

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