A Guide To London Restaurants

London have always offered a warm solace for the vagabonds and world-weary travelers. The minute you step out of Heathrow or Gatwik Airport, you will be bombarded with multitude of colors and captivating sights and sounds, no wonder why it is considered one of the most important tourist capitals of the world. Every year more and more people seem to gravitate to the tea capital of the world, not just because of their impressive structures and old world charm, but also because of the excellent cuisines and superb dining experience that you can always count on from popular London restaurants.

Best Dining Bets

You will undoutedbly be famished and exhausted from the endless shopping sprees and harrowing visits to London’s famous nooks and crannies. So don’t hesitate to treat yourself to one of the popular London restaurants, and get the taste of the unique flavors and delectable dishes that are one of the prides of London. Among the trendy restaurants in London is the Simpson’s–in-the-Strand, famous for being one of Sir Winston’s favorite dining place way ba ck when he was still the prome minister. People sing praises and wax poetic on their succulent dishes such as the roast sirloin beef, steak,kindney andmushroom pie, and red currant jelly.

Another much talked about London restaurant is Gordon Ramsay At Claridge, mainly because of the cooking expertise of one of the most celecrated chefs in the country, Gordon. Located in one of London’s swankiest hotels, he never fails to dazzle at tittilate the tastebuds of even the most discerning diners with an array of modern continental cuisines.

If you are traveling with your family in tow, chances are you would naturally want a London restaurant that has a more relaxed and casual ambience. The Hard Rock Café located in Mayfair is a great place for kids since they will not just be entertained by the tradition teenager feast for also with the rock-and-roll memorabilias plastered on the walls. Another one of the family-friendly London restaurants is Porter’s English Restaurant that serves all the popular traditional English meals you have been longing to sample, such as stews and pies. You will certainly get a get out of selecting from their extensive menus of wonderfully named dishes.

You can’t leave London without getting a taste of their world famous formal afternoon teatime parties. It is basically a social affair where even perfect strangers can share lighhearted conversations over a cup of tea. With freshly baked scones. The Brew House is a quaint little place safely secluded in the North London area that offers great teas along with hearty meals from breakfast to dinner. Definitely one of the must try London restaurants for travellers and tourists.Over the years, London have still maintained a premier position as one of the world’s best tourist spots. Find out what’s the buzz all about and see, taste and hear all the delights and wonders of Old London.

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