A compelling trek through the trails to Panchase

Landscape up the way of Panchase trek
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There are a number of places in Asia which is worth making a trip to when you’re seeking adventure in the lap of Mother Nature. There is no shortage of diversity in the largest continent in the entire world.

Today we will be talking about a trekking journey towards Pokhara, Nepal which is a part of the Annapurna region. The trekking starts at the lap of Mother Nature with a gentle boat ride on Lake Phewa. Then the journey continues through unimaginable beauty and landscapes which are different in its appearance in a matter of miles. And finally, at the end of the week when you reach the summit at 2,500 meters you experience what the locals talk about with the mountain is a place where a person experiences five levels of existence including – thinking, feeling, manifestation and sensation. To add to it, the destination has a reputation for having panoramic views and extraordinary photographic beauty. You get other bonuses like getting a chance to interact with the Brahmins and Gurungs along the way; as well as plenty of places to enjoy bike rides, boating, and overall general merriment to begin with.

Day 01

You start the trip to Pokhara from the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu with a mode of private transport. It takes around 5-6 hours to cover the expanse of the 200 or something kilometers depending on the weather and any breaks that you take in the middle.

Enjoy the mesmerizing view on the way with the expansive greenery, and the flowing, musical river and the tea houses spread over the entire area. Upon arrival in Pokhara city, you check in to your hotel and either takes rest for the entire day, or you can explore the city and find out there are already plenty to do like fishing, cycling, skating and much more. You better get back in time and take plenty of rest before the actual trek starts the next morning.

Day 02

As explained before, the trek starts with a boat ride in the Phewa Lake and also a visit to the ‘Shanti Stupa’ which is one of the 80 peace Pagodas around the world. You will find a clear trail when you start walking along with it, and you will find a small village called Lukum Swara nestled in the midst of a Rhododendron forest. You end the day after a 3-hour trek which gets you to Bumdi village where you camp for the day. This is where your chance is to meet and interact with the Gurungs and the Brahmins of the area lie. Send some time with the locals of the village and listen to their lives which are so different from a city-dweller when you have the chance.

Day 03

Pack up and start your day through the beautiful span of the forest where you can hear the chirping birds and the screaming monkeys. Along the path you get a view of the Dhaulagiri, Annapurna I and Manaslu as well as Annapurna, Lamjung, Gangapurna, and Machhapuchhre from a distance. On the second day, you reach up to Panchase Bhanjyang which is another 4-hour drive from and a 10.5 km distance from Bumdi where you have stayed the night before.

Day 04

On this day, when you make your way towards Bhadaure village you get an incredible sunrise view if you can start before daybreak. Then as the day proceeds, you get to see sunlight spread over the entirety of the mountain region – an unforgettable memory to behold for a long time after the trek is over. By midday, your trail should lead you down the lanes of Aldana and by afternoon you should reach the town of Bhadaure. Here, you get introduced to a new community; the Kami. Set up your tents for the nights in this village and enjoy the company of the locals.

Day 05

The next day starts with a somewhat rough ride to Naudanda. Have lunch and rest there upon arrival. From there you are going to head to Pokhara with private car as well. Enjoy the scenic beauty and the colors of nature. If you’re dedicated enough, you can also trek to Pokhara which takes about 7 hours of time to reach.

There, you have reached the summit. Now, all you have to do is enjoy all you can till there is not one bone left in your body that doesn’t scream in protest from utmost tiredness. There are a number of hotels available which will provide you with a good night’s sleep after the long journey of the day.

Day 06

Don’t miss out on the drive back to Kathmandu just because you have trekked through the whole way. It is always refreshing for a person of a city to get as much feel of nature as possible before we head back to our life in the metropolis.

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