Six New Life Style Trends that are Catching Up

The year 2019 is special because in this year we have seen a lot of new unique life style trends catching up with the people from all around the world.  Such rare and innovative life style trends which are mainly driven by technology and ethics only make us realize time and again that we are living in a sophisticated world with civilized people. Today I’ll be listing the top six lifestyle trends of 2019 that are trending all over the globe.

#1 Eco Travel

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Eco Travel is one of the most popular lifestyle trends of this year and is increasingly becoming popular among globetrotters who like to do vacationing in an eco friendly manner. The whole idea of taking a holiday that is eco friendly is to minimize the negative impact of pollution caused to the environment, nature and wildlife by avoiding pollution causing transportation modes such as Flights, Trains and Cars. This trend is catching up now and for practical reasons eco travelling can only be performed to holiday destinations that aren’t far away from where you start your journey. That said, Eco travel can also include things like saving every drop of water during your short vacation and community service!

#2 Technology in School Uniforms and Running Shoes

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The Chinese are known for some really intriguing innovations when it comes to technology. They’ve done it in the past and they are still doing it! This time their newly introduced technological trend is catching up with schools and other educational institutions worldwide. The introduction of chip based school uniforms with GPS technology is making news everywhere, the idea of having this embedded into the uniforms is for school teachers and parents to monitor the movements of the children during the school hours that can be really helpful in tracking any kind of mischief from the students.

An American shoe manufacturer, Under Armour has come out with a similar chip innovation technology but in this case the chip is embedded into the running shoes to self monitor the movement, self analyse the performance of running and give advise about improving the running performance.

#3 Home Gardens

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Until recently we only have heard of home gardens in the backyard of our houses but now these so called home gardens are finding their way right inside our homes! Yes you got it right this lifestyle trend is increasingly catching up with people living in busy cities where owning a free space for a garden is expensive and isn’t easy. People are using vertical hanging gardens to grow the plants of their choice right inside their living rooms and the best part about having one in the house is they are very easy to create by using DIY (Do it Yourself) kits that are freely accessible in most supermarkets.

#4 Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality
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Virtual Reality has been around for quite some time now but with its growing popularity today a lot of fitness companies are taking fitness to a new level by incorporating VR technology into their fitness products. The idea of having Virtual Reality in fitness products is for improving the regular fitness performance levels by giving a virtual feel of doing some thrilling fun activity while performing the workout, so here essentially we are talking about half fitness and half virtual reality. For instance you could be experiencing a virtual feeling of kayaking on a boat in a waterway by using the VR fitness product while actually doing some fitness exercise! Currently such VR fitness products can be had at a cost ranging from $400 to $9200 in the United States.

#5 Foldable devices

Photo courtesy: reports that mobile manufacturers: Motorola and Samsung are planning to introduce touch screens to the nostalgic flip-phone concept that previously didn’t show case touch screen technology. Motorola will implement this very soon and is supposed to be an updated touch screen version of their popular Razor Flip phone which was introduced in late 2000s.

#6 Plant based living

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Plant based living is another latest lifestyle trend that needs the attention of food connoisseurs who can abstain from non-vegetarian food if not for a long time at least for a few days in their diet. The plant based living is driven by ethics and healthy living habits of not being cruel to animals and sampling some good greens essential for having a balanced diet. In the past we’ve heard of people turning vegan, an eating style that permits only vegetables and other products that are not derived from animals. The interesting thing about plant living is it lies somewhere midway between being a non-vegetarian and Vegan, this new trending plant based living is really worth a try.

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