7 Irresistible World-Class Beaches in Australia’s Queensland

The beaches of Queensland in Australia are even better than what NSW has to offer on beach life to both insiders and foreign tourists from across the globe. The coast line of Queensland is far greater than that of NSW and the beaches of Queensland in northern Australia rank among the best in the world, even surpassing the beaches in Sydney of NSW.

The upsides of these beaches are 1) their salty waters have ideal temperatures 2) there’s sun beaming down all through the year 3) there are so many facilities for people that makes beach life more easy and convenient.

Some vital information

The capital of the state of Queensland is Brisbane, the coast line of Queensland stretches to almost 7000km .The state is surrounded by 4 waterways that are of paramount importance to us as all of Queensland’s beaches can be found here 1) The Gulf of Carpentaria- has very few beaches and not so good with tourist influx 2) Torres Strait- has stunningly beautiful beaches but the accessibility for tourists is not easy 3) Coral sea – has beaches for tranquility with calm waters and hot sun with a tropical climate 4) Pacific ocean – has beaches for surfing, popular beaches in this waterway include Surfer’s paradise and Noosa beaches.

The remainder of this contains a listing of 7 irresistible beaches in Queensland for your outdoor beach activities. Although there are many more, I will limit myself to seven of the very best ones.

1) Palm Cove, Tropical North Queensland

The Palm Cove beach is surrounded by palm trees and is an ideal beach destination if you are looking for Mediterranean feel of climate in the tropical zone of Queensland. This beach has a lot of Jellyfish inside its waters and so be wary when you take a plunge into its waters for swimming, always try to swim only in the safety zone between the red and yellow flags. Another thing to be wary of is there have been one or two sightings of crocodiles in this beach in the recent past and the beach was temporarily shut down for public use. The upsides of this beach are its serene location, warm waters and hot sun round the year.

2) Cape Hillsborough, Mackay

Head to Cape Hillsborough for a mix of beach and wild life adventure, you can experience best of both the fun activities while on this beach. The adjacent Cape Hillsborough National Park is very close to this beach and is home to Kangaroos and Wallabies, while you are relaxing on the warm sands of this beach you are most likely to be greeted by these adorable creatures. Just make sure you take snapshots of these animals along with the beach backdrop for picture perfect memories.

3) Nudey Beach, Fitzroy Island

Don’t expect any nudity on this beach the name is slightly misleading though, you can be assured that Nudey Beach in Queensland is safe for young children to enjoy. Travel to Nudey beach for the best water experiences like swimming, snorkeling, splashing and soaking. The one thing that cannot be missed at this beach is watching the tropical sunset from a nearby Foxy’s bar on the beach. There’s also a nearby turtle rehabilitation center dedicated to the sick and wounded Turtles, checkout this place after your beach experience in Nudey beach.

4) Noosa Main Beach, Sunset coast

Noosa Beach is the beach in Australia for surfing activities and gives a tough competition for the surf beaches found in Gold coast of Australia. When you are at this beach there’s so much to do apart from surfing and relaxing, and bathing in its hot sun, the nearby Hasting’s street has a myriad of delectable food items and shops which will surely satisfy your appetite.

5) Basil Bay, Keswick Island

The Basil Bay boasts of clear crystal waters which are a rarity to find across other beaches, it is one of the best swimming spots on the Keswick Island but not many know about its protected crystal waters. Checkout this beach for a one-of-a-kind beach experience that’s guaranteed to give you relaxation and peace of mind.

6) Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

Burleigh Heads along the Gold Coast and offers a mix of both swimming and surfing fun activities for its patrons, the beach offers protected waters at the main beach and world class surf breaks around the headlands. Take a walk along the shore of the beach for picturesque scenic views of the beach backdrop.

7) Rainbow beach, Sunshine Coast

Rainbow beach is considered by many as the largest sand island in the world, originally called the Black beach and later it was renamed after locating the colored sands on the southern side of the beach. Legend has it that Yiningie, the spirit of the Gods, often took the form of the rainbow in the sky and when he got killed in a brawl over a woman he fell off the sky and crashed into the cliffs and his spirit colored the sands. This beach is also a popular delight for Dolphin Kayaking and surfing activities.

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