5 Thriving Cities in Asia for a Kid-friendly Getaway this Summer

Asia, as the largest continent in the world, has plenty of options as far as traveling is concerned. It has a lot of destinations which families visit every year. The magnanimous cities with their sprawling lives are places where families visit with their kids and expose them to the world outside the safety of their houses. This time of year every kid around the world is home for his or her summer vacation and families generally plan larger trips to, maybe a different continent to enjoy with their loved ones around this time. Exposure is always necessary while you’re growing up and if it comes in a fun manner, then there is nothing like it.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the magnificent cities in Asia that generally get an ‘A’ in terms of their persona, but we will be focusing on the parts where these rambling, thriving cities are the perfect for you, your family and your kids to discover this summer.

  1. Hong Kong

A perfect family vacation spot at the heart of the Republic of China, Hong Kong has something for every aged person of your family. The menacing skyscrapers, multiple transportation options such as the MTF train, ferry, cable-car, or funicular tram will remind the grandfathers and grandmothers of the bygone days of British colonial rule, maybe with a bit of nostalgia or grimness. The perfect place for the smaller ones in the group though is Disneyland Resort or Ocean Park, with its marine animals and fun rides.

Children will also love a trip up to The Peak for a view of the city and beyond. There is also the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island, with its 34-meter Big Buddha that will help calm the minds of the parents who have to deal with the grinding pressure of everyday life and work back home. If you’re in the city on a Sunday, visit the Kowloon Park with its Kung Fu displays and lion-and-dragon dances.

  1. Shanghai, China

It’s another city in China with plenty of options for the kids. Most of the Chinese cities are enthralling combinations of the historic legacy of British Colonial Rule as well as the building periods of the cities. On the other hand, it is a hypermodern place where life is humming every second of every day. Families can visit the get a look over from a Huangpu River cruise as well as the 88th floor of the Jin Mao Tower (try at least one of these), then watch locals perform tai chi on the Bund, the former colonial riverside with its period buildings.

Shanghai has its own Disney Resort, Happy Valley theme park, Ocean Aquarium, Shanghai Wild Animal Park with its giant pandas, and Dino Beach Water Park to keep the children busy for the entirety of the stay.

  1. Bali

Bali is a haven you can always bring your kids too. Rental properties are cheap here and kids are basically treated as royalty around this place.

The major highlights on this island include Treetop Adventure Park, Waterbom Bali with its waterslides. Don’t miss the Seawalker Tours where they let you walk on the seabed, Rumah Pohon, secluded tree-house in the midst of the forest, the ancient water palace at Pura Tirta Empul, and Pirate’s Bay oceanfront playground.

If your kid is fascinated by wildlife this island is the place for her—the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Bali Bird Park, Elephant Safari Park, Bali Safari and Marine Park and Uluwatu Temple with its monkeys will make your child run around behind them all day long. International delicacies are easily available for those not explorative about their food choices and would want to steer clear of the Balinese specialties.

P.S – Remember to make a trip to the Tree Farms Bamboo Chocolate Factory.

  1. Krabi Region, Thailand

Thailand is cheap to make a trip with your whole family with a load of transportations options in the country such as, plane, train, bus, boat, long-distance taxi, or chauffeured as well as hired car to go around. It is kid-friendly too if you’re worried about your family’s security.

Enjoy island-hopping and snorkeling if you’re into water sports at all; cute macaques can be found around Railay Beach; you can also relax in the hot springs and in the Emerald Pool as spend time as a couple which you scarcely get to do at home.

All kinds of food, apart from the authentic Asian platter exist which include pizzas, cheese toasties, fries, as well as fresh local fruit great in summers when you’re outdoors for long periods of time. Fair warning though, try to avoid monsoon season which is April to October especially, when you’re traveling with your family.

  1. Tokyo

Like all things Japanese, Tokyo is also very much tech-savvy and fast-paced as a city. So, traveling to such a place with children or in a big group can be overwhelming at times. But it will surely be worth it.

Kids can right away find the Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea which are a must for theme-park fans. or take a waterbus to Odaiba island or ride on the futuristic Yurikamome train for the seabird sanctuary, spring cherry blossoms, the National Museum of Maritime Science, and the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation which is basically the entertainment hub of the artificial island of Tokyo Bay.

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