5 Notorious Food Combos Kids Should Try at Home this Summer Vacation

We as millennial are fickle minded. We like to change in things; some twist or something different is what keeps us on the edge, keeps things interesting. Food is no exception in this matter. Combining strangest, the most far-fetched foodstuff and finding out that it tastes just fine is an idea that gives many self-acclaimed foodies a kick start. This will also be inspirational to kids who are home for their summer vacations to try these out prepared by their older siblings or some other young member of the family. Eventually, the children will learn too. Wink! Wink!

Today, we are going to talk about some of the weirdest, but essentially brilliant tasting foodstuff which may sound like a peculiar combination, but who are we to judge anyway? The first person to try out the combination of strawberry and chocolate or cookies with Oreo must have been tagged as a lunatic too. But see us today; we are all the followers of the lunatics who started the crazy idea which caught on. Let’s try to catch fire to some more outrageous groupings of food.

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  1. Oreo with Orange juice

Okay, so everyone must have tried Oreo cookies dipped in milk, and have heard of Oreo combined with peanut butter even if they haven’t tried it firsthand. But what about Oreo dipped in orange juice? Yes, you read that right.

The combination sounds weird, I’ll admit, but trust me, it takes surprisingly well. The light tanginess of the orange juice complements the thick chocolaty texture of the cookie very well. Better still, the orange juice tricks adults (by that I mean Moms!) into believing you are eating something beneficial for your health. Viola! Mission accomplished.

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  1. Green Apples with Salt and Pepper

You must have heard of mango with salt. You may have tasted that as well. What about adding salt and pepper to cut up apples? It is a jackpot combination to a boring fruit which every doctor recommends you to eat, and thus your mother makes you gobble it own with or without your wishes. The juicy sweetness of apples along with the slightly sour taste in it (for green apples) with the hot spices opens up your taste buds to another level. If I had found it out before, it may have been my favorite fruit to consume when I got back home from school.


  1. Avocado and Chocolate

Again, it is an admittedly weird blend of foodstuff. Avocado is rich in Potassium, so the health benefits of the damn thing are also high up on adults’ lists. Spiced up Avocado spread has quickly become easy and healthy intake of food over a slice of bread in the morning. Other than that, Avocado can be seen over salads, sandwiches and just about everything. But have you ever heard of Avocado with chocolate?

The creaminess and coarseness that comes from fiber supplements make it a perfect base for chocolate pudding, mousses, and brownies. It may sound strange, but the number of recipes out there for Avocado and chocolate is truly endless. Give this combination a try, it will be worth it.


  1. Banana & Mayo, Banana & ketchup

The best way to try bananas with mayonnaise is to spread it on some a piece of bread and slice up a banana and cut it into small pieces or cut it in four pieces and eat it as a sandwich. Try it, and if you don’t like it, we will you can write back to me or comment below.

Another similar but slightly different combination is banana with ketchup. This one I won’t exactly vouch for as the salty and sweet combination may seem a bit weird to some people, but for people who can grow a taste for it, are usually use the ketchup as a dip.



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  1. Potato Chips and Ice Cream

Are you a potato chips person? Are you one of us guilty folks who munch on the not-so-healthy, bloating snack all the time? Over movies, nail-biting games, during exams and study breaks and basically any time of the day? If you see your kitchen cupboard and realize that there is no chips packet left and it irritates or upset you, this food blend is just the thing you were reading this whole article for.

Pour slightly-melted but thickly-concentrated vanilla ice cream over a bowl full of potato chips. The ice cream should be cold but melting and the flavor of the chips should be on the spicier side. And bingo! You have your heavenly concoction of chow which might just make your day (and some upcoming days as well when you explain your victory to friends and colleagues). Just remember to devour it the moment you pour the melted ice cream. You wouldn’t want all the chips to get all moist and soaked in milk.

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