5 kid-friendly restaurants in the US your family can dine in during the holidays

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Think back to those glorious days when you were dating your husband or maybe even earlier when in college, you used to go on a date with your new-found love and you celebrated it with a candle-lit dinner? Or maybe a trip to quiet café where you can sit for hours holding each other’s hands and looking into each other’s eyes? Well, those days must have been behind you if you’re a couple with children to take care of.

Gone are the days of quiet romanticism and feeling of reaching cloud nine with the company of your beloved. With a toddler or a child of less than the age of 13 is a menace to put it right if you’re planning a trip to the restaurants with the family. The screaming, the impatience, the food all over the shirt moments may make you want to pull your hair out if you’re not careful where you’re taking them.

So, to help you out we are spreading out the options in front of you to the kind of restaurant or Diners you may want to take your kids to, which will give you a few moments of peace while being away from the monotonous surroundings of your house and getting to spend quality time with your kids all at once.

  1. Highland Grill, Minnesota

This upbeat place with classic food and cocktail offerings has very nice kid management system as well. Most parents dread the idea of going to an eatery which makes them wait too long, which consequently makes the kids cranky and spoils the party altogether. This restaurant takes care of the waiting time by providing your kid with a bucket full of toys. If that is not enough, a bowl full of goldfish to tie them over should be sufficient no matter how naughty your children may be.

  1. Grown, Miami

This place is anyway good for you because of its health-centric menu and the quick-serve quality of the food. Precisely for this reason, it is also good for you and your kids to visit. Go with the whole family and make a day out of it. If your child has some kind of allergy and other conditions even in that situation it is not a problem to visit this restaurant, because this joint serves food taking into account such reservations.

There are also iPads available if your kid is used to playing games during eating time. It’s a win-win situation for everyone, as parents do not need to worry because the games are educational in nature. So, it is not a complete waste of time if you don’t like your kid spending too much time on the tablet.

  1. Au Fudge, West Hollywood, California

Like all things Hollywood, this place also has something different for everyone. Envisaged by actress Jessica Biel, Au Fudge is a play house-cum-restaurant which is a perfect spot for everyone who likes to spend time in a restaurant but is not being able to do it these days due to time constraints and family responsibilities. The eatery has separate tree-houses and drum circles your kids can participate in while the grown-ups can have some quality time together.

The menu consists of both kid-favorites like a waffle and Mac and Cheese, while L. A moms (by that I mean fit as a fiddle) can nibble on tasty and healthy avocado toast and enjoy the time.

  1. Claim Jumper Townhouse #10, New Mexico

This is a place which will have separate menus for all age groups. The choices of food are widely vast with almost 15 entrees and 10 side dishes. There is also a plate for under two-year-olds which consists of turkey, cheese, applesauce, and mandarin slices as the restaurants take into account the fact that toddlers are incapable of finishing a complete plate of food on their own.

There are changing rooms in both men and women’s bathrooms in every restaurant in the chain. There is also a strict no-smoking policy for the entire 45 restaurants in 8 states.

  1. The Old Spaghetti Factory, Portland, Oregon

It has about 37 restaurants under the chain in 15 states altogether. The décor of the restaurant cannot be called childish exactly, but the Old Spaghetti Factory certainly has a look and charm of the old world with its antique-laden furnishing with the cozy feel of family’s coming together in one place. There is one trolley-car-seating arrangement which if you’re lucky enough to get is well and good, but if not, then you can sit in one of the ‘bed booths’ – a seating area built from old headboards. The kid’s menu is vibrant and engaging and serves many a thing, like the Pasta or the applesauce or the ice-cream in a trophy-shaped bowl.

There is the added satisfaction of earning a reading certificate which the chain distributes through many schools and libraries.

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