5 Amazing Dog-Friendly Destinations in Europe


Pets are adorable creatures that deserve pampering, whether it’s a pet dog, pet cat or any other pet for that matter we are aware that you would want to dedicate some quality outdoor time with your pet besides your everyday indoor moments with your pet. I used to own a Labrador retriever a couple of years ago and I must confess that those moments I used to spend with my dog are unforgettable and 100% golden, I remember it used to eat its food only if it was fed by me. I’m sad that my pet died because of some prolonged illness. The bottom line is dogs are adorable and affectionate and most people regard a dog as man’s best companion. Since my blog topic for today is about dogs I will only talk about things relevant to dogs.

Don’t expect your dog to always remain indoors or inside a dog kennel all the time, the poor thing needs to see the outside world just as you’d want to. So taking a dog out is an essential part of bringing up your dog, periodic outings with your dog to recreational places such as Parks, Beaches and even restaurants is what we want you to do with your dog.  Such outdoor adventures with your dog can be pleasurable, excitable and at the same time will add a lot of meaning, spice and happiness to your life. In the remainder of the article I’m going to throw a lot of insight on some of the very best pet friendly destinations that you can look up to for some adventures with your dog with some recommendations of dog-friendly hotels, restaurants and beaches that are relevant to your holiday destination.

Paris, France

Our top recommendation for your dog friendly destination is #Paris, one of the most intriguing things about Parisian society is they treat dogs like royalty. It’s quite a common sight in Paris to see dogs accompanying their owners to places like restaurants, shopping complexes and boutiques that are generally reserved for only humans. Even some modes of public transportation like metro, taxi and bus allow pets to be accompanied although you might come across certain restrictions, for instance large dogs are not allowed in the metros of Paris. Public parks and lush green areas are the only exceptions in Paris where you can’t enter with your dog. One reason why most public places allow entry to pets is because most Parisians live in crammed apartments and so they crave for outdoor moments with their pets. Le Meurice is our top recommendation for your hotel, a luxury hotel overlooking the nearby Tuileries Gardens that has a dog-specific menu to pamper your dog’s taste buds.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges in Belgium is our next very big pick for an outdoor adventure with your dog. Bruges is world renowned for its cobbled streets, quaint canals and chocolates. Bruges gained recognition as a top destination for dogs because of one reason that will intrigue you- a Golden Labrador named Fido made this city popular for two notable things 1) Fido appeared in the Collin Farell film shot in Bruges and 2) Fido got featured in an advertisement promoting a Lady Godiva chocolate which gave Bruges a celebrity status.  Head here to spend quality time with your dog, there are plenty of dog friendly cafes, pubs and restaurants. Our top recommendations for you accommodation are #The Dog House, a relaxed lounge with B&B service and free wi-fi and #Cote Canal Bed & Breakfast, an old fashioned guest house which offers luxury rooms and gives an antique feeling.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a dog friendly destination that will leave you awe struck, throughout Germany dogs are allowed to be accompanied to public places like restaurants, cafes, shops and parks where entry is usually reserved for only humans, the only exception is grocery stores. When you are on an outdoor adventure with your dog in Berlin don’t miss visiting the Five Elephant Café that is famous for a dog friendly version of its cheese cake and for your accommodation rent a room in the famous dog friendly Gorki Apartments that provides beds and bowls for a comfortable stay. Berlin has umpteen landmark attractions, getting around in the Berlin Metro is the best and cheapest way to see these attractions and the best part is dogs are allowed to travel in Metros.

Amsterdam,The Netherlands

Amsterdam also figures out as one of our best picks for your dog friendly destinations, apart from being renowned for its canals and nightlife there is something about the way dogs are treated here. It’s a common sight to see dogs of all breeds and sizes in Amsterdam’s parks, restaurants, shops and also in the rear section of some bikes fitted with a box like structure with ample space big enough for a dog to relax. Public transportation is free for dogs on public modes like metro and buses, for sight-seeing most attractions in Amsterdam don’t allow entry to dogs.

Barcelona, Spain

Travel to Barcelona to experience Spanish life style, food and culture. Barcelona is not just popular for bull-fights, Flamenco, religious pilgrimages and Tapas, Barcelona is increasingly becoming popular on the international radar for its dog-friendly restaurants, parks and beaches. Our top recommendations of restaurants are #Taller de Tapas and #La Taberna del Cobre, hop into these restaurants for sampling some of Barcelona’s delectable food items and be assured of a top class treatment from the restaurant crew to your dog while you relax. Your holidaying with your dog is incomplete if you don’t visit the nearby dog beach–Levant Beach which boasts of having all facilities for dogs.

Before I wrap up this article I just want to highlight that some countries have dog requirements to be met before you can take your dog there, for instance Belgium requires you to have an ISO microchip inserted into your dog along with some vaccinations done for diseases like Rabies just 21 to 31 days before your entry. So for a seamless travel take note of the prevailing dog entry requirements for your preferred destination before you travel with your dog.

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